take a swipe at

take a swipe at (someone or something)

To attempt to hit someone or something with one's fist or an instrument in a broad, sweeping stroke. Bill didn't hear me coming up behind him, and he took a swipe at me when I touched his shoulder. Their toddler is going through a phase of taking swipes at anyone who goes near him. He stood taking swipes at the golf ball for nearly five minutes before he finally hit it.
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take a swipe at someone or something

1. Sl. to hit at someone or something. Max took a swipe at the cop by mistake. Lefty took a swipe at the punching bagand missed.
2. Sl. to have a try at someone or something. I think I can persuade him. I'll take a swipe at him and see. I will probably fail, but I'll take a swipe at it.
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