have/take a shufti

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have a shufti

To look at something briefly. ("Shufti" originated as a military term.) Primarily heard in UK. Wait, if you're just going to donate these clothes, can I have a shufti first? Some of these dresses are cute!
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have/take a ˈshufti (at somebody/something)

(British English, informal) have a (quick) look (at somebody/something): I don’t mind having a shufti at the bike, but I can’t afford to buy it.This comes from military slang, from an Arabic word meaning try to see.
See also: have, shufti, take
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Indeed, many of the soldiers probably wanted to take a shufti at the bints, which in Cairo in the 1940s meant the less respectable ladies who they might have met on the pavements of that lively city, but bint in Arabic actually just means aACAygirl'.