take a middle course

take a middle course

To compromise between two extreme or polarizing alternatives; to find a solution, policy, or course of action that is acceptable or agreeable to two different or opposing sides. The small sovereign nation has gotten along for years by taking a middle course between the two global superpowers on either sides of its border. The president's popularity among the more extreme members of his party was diminished by his attempts to take a middle course with some bipartisan policies.
See also: course, middle, take

follow/steer/take a middle ˈcourse


find, etc. a/the middle ˈway

follow, find, etc. a plan that is halfway between two opposing plans; compromise: Kate wanted to stay for the rest of the week, and I wanted to leave straight away, so in the end we followed a middle course and stayed a couple of days.In politics you often have to steer a middle course. OPPOSITE: go to extremes
See also: course, follow, middle, steer, take
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