take a look at

take a look (at someone or something)

To glance or look at someone or something, especially in a quick, informal, or nonchalant manner. Hey, Barry, come take a look at this engine and see if you can tell what's wrong with it. I took a look, but nothing in the shop interested me. Wow, take a look at that gorgeous guy at the bar!
See also: look, someone, take

take a look at someone or something

 and have a look at someone or something
to observe or examine someone or something. I asked the doctor to take a look at my cut. Would you please have another look at your work? It is not complete.
See also: look, take

take a look at

Turn your attention to, examine, as in Take a look at that new building, or The doctor took a look at Gene's throat and swollen glands. For a synonym, see take a gander at.
See also: look, take
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It's not an easy concept to fit into a two-word description, but it becomes crystal clear when you take a look at the scope of our work and our accomplishments."
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