take a gander

take a gander (at someone or something)

to look at someone or something. Wow, take a gander at that new car! I wanted to take a gander at the new computer before they started using it.
See also: gander, take

have/take a ˈgander (at something)

(informal) look at something: Come over here and have a gander at what I’ve got! This came from a comparison between the way a person walks when they want to look at something, often stretching their neck to get a better view, and a gander (= a male goose), which wanders about, stretching its neck to see things.
See also: gander, have, take

take a gander

See also: gander, take
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And though you'll likely have a long wait 'til he comes down off the vert ramp, or returns from one of his seemingly endless string of vacations, or decides his work is ready for the eyes of others to take a gander at, the final result is a record as vital as it is thoughtfully, respectfully, and meticulously collected and printed.
Take a gander at these steep, frosted slopes that shoot into icy craters (top).
Take a gander at the menu and you won't find a mention of goose at the new Ganders in Glendale.