take (something) on faith

take (something) on faith

To accept something without further verifying or investigating, based on trust. You're right to be wary, but, in this case, I think we can take John's statement on faith. He has no reason to lie to us.
See also: faith, on, take
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take something on faith

to accept or believe something on the basis of little or no evidence. Please try to believe what I'm telling you. Just take it on faith. Surely you can't expect me to take a story like that on faith.
See also: faith, on, take
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on faith, take it

Trust, accept without proof, as in I have no firm evidence that Bob's responsible for the errors-you'll just have to take it on faith . This idiom employs faith in the sense of "belief or confidence in something," a usage dating from about 1300.
See also: on, take
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