take (someone, something, or some place) by storm

take (someone, something, or some place) by storm

1. To conquer, seize, or lay siege to something, someone, or some place with a sudden and furious attack. The invaders took the castle by storm. The SWAT team smashed the door down and took the gunman by storm.
2. To win or gain huge and widespread success or popularity very rapidly. There's a new fad among kids and teens that is taking the country by storm. The sleep therapy technique for children has taken parents around the world by storm.
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take someone or something by storm

1. Fig. to conquer someone or something in a fury. The army took city after city by storm. They crashed in and took the general by storm.
2. Fig. to succeed overwhelmingly with someone, some place, or a group. The singing star took the audience in each town by storm. The star took the critics by storm.
See also: by, storm, take

take by storm

Make a vivid impression on, quickly win popular acclaim or renown, as in The new rock group took the town by storm. This usage transfers the original military meaning of the phrase, "assault in a violent attack," to more peaceful endeavors. [Mid-1800s]
See also: by, storm, take

take somewhere by storm

COMMON If someone or something takes a place or a group of people by storm, they are extremely successful or popular in that place or with those people. When she arrived there in 1862 she had already taken London by storm. In 1991 many firms expected these computers to take the industry by storm. It's nearly 12 months since the film took America by storm. Note: This expression originally meant to capture something such as a fort or a military position by means of a sudden, violent attack.
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take something by storm

1 capture a place by a sudden and violent attack. 2 have great and rapid success in a particular place or with a particular group of people.
1998 Times Round-up Ready soya has taken America by storm.
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take somebody/something by ˈstorm

1 take or seize a town, castle, building, etc. with a sudden and fierce attack: The police took the building by storm; two people were injured during the operation.
2 be extremely successful very quickly in a particular place or among particular people: Lord of the Rings took the whole world by storm; it was one of the most successful movies ever made.

take by storm

To captivate completely: a new play that took New York City by storm.
See also: by, storm, take
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