take (a)hold of (someone or something)

take (a)hold of (someone or something)

To grasp or seize in one's hands. Take hold of this rope and lower yourself out the window. He took ahold of the box and carried it out of the building. I tried to take ahold of her before she fell off the step, but it happened too fast.
See also: of, take

take hold of someone or something

to grasp someone or something. He took hold of the child, which frightened her very much. Terry took hold of the doorknob and turned it.
See also: hold, of, take

catch/get/grab/take (a) ˈhold of somebody/something

have or take somebody/something in your hands: He caught hold of her wrists so she couldn’t get away.Lee got hold of the dog by its collar.Quick, grab a hold of that rope.