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taint something with something

to spoil or debase something with something. The flood tainted the drinking water with disease germs. The food had been tainted with germs.
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and grundle and taint
n. the perineum. (see also choad. The taint reflects that this area is not [it ain’t = ’taint] genital nor anus.) I got a horrible itch in the gooch! She did what to your taint?


See gooch
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Off-flavours and taints are defined as unpleasant odours or tastes, the first resulting from the natural deterioration of a food, the second from its contamination by some other chemical.
Many volatile compounds are responsible for taints.
An elected official is in a unique position to speak out and we honestly do not believe it taints the process in any way.
Owing to myriad gasoline leaks, however, MTBE now taints drinking-water supplies throughout the nation.
6)Query whether the foregoing sentence taints these comments and renders them a lobbying communication.
com/reports/c23022) has announced the addition of Taints and off-flavours in foods to their offering.
Indeed, she notes, the average 50 parts per trillion (ppt) dioxin concentration--and the maximum of 258 ppt--that the team measured in the fat of Finnish women's breast milk are within the range at which dioxin taints fat, including that in breast milk, in the U.
This text has been written by 13 specialists, including the editor, and they have penned 9 chapters whose titles are: Sensory evaluation of taints and off-flavours; A survey of chemicals causing taints and off-flavours in foods; Analysis of taints and off-flavours; Off-flavours in raw and potable water; Undesirable flavours in dairy products; Oxidative pathways to the formation of off-flavours; Packaging material as a source of taints; A retailer's perspective; and Formation of off-flavours due to microbiological and enzymic action.
Researchers estimate that this bacterium, which produces few if any symptoms in infected chickens, taints 5 to 30 percent of the 5.