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taint something with something

to spoil or debase something with something. The flood tainted the drinking water with disease germs. The food had been tainted with germs.
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and grundle and taint
n. the perineum. (see also choad. The taint reflects that this area is not [it ain’t = ’taint] genital nor anus.) I got a horrible itch in the gooch! She did what to your taint?


See gooch
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Saving when, with freshening lave, Thou dipp'st them in the taintless wave.
Upon delivery of the vessels Taintless and Soundless to their new owners, the Company will operate a fleet of 25 tankers, consisting of 13 double-hull Suezmax tankers and 12 double-hull Handymax tankers, with a total carrying capacity of approximately 2.