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taint something with something

to spoil or debase something with something. The flood tainted the drinking water with disease germs. The food had been tainted with germs.
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and grundle and taint
n. the perineum. (see also choad. The taint reflects that this area is not [it ain’t = ’taint] genital nor anus.) I got a horrible itch in the gooch! She did what to your taint?


See gooch
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Lack of contemporaneous documentation by exempt organizations can lead to the same result as the old tainting rule--the entire payment being treated as UBI.
Risk was mildly elevated in towns with only moderate arsenic tainting.
Moreover, an Oil Spill Health Task Force - made up of officials from state and federal agencies, Exxon, and associations representing the affected communities - rapidly discovered that there were no data on the extent to which subsistence foods were contaminated by Exxon Valdez oil or the risks such tainting might pose.
But outside experts enlisted to evaluate the health risks of such tainting concluded that except for shellfish, the highest concentrations of the oil contaminants observed were "well below those considered to be of concern for human health," Fall says.