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taint something with something

to spoil or debase something with something. The flood tainted the drinking water with disease germs. The food had been tainted with germs.
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and grundle and taint
n. the perineum. (see also choad. The taint reflects that this area is not [it ain’t = ’taint] genital nor anus.) I got a horrible itch in the gooch! She did what to your taint?


See gooch
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At Daniel, Le Du says that he would return nearly fifty bottles of wine per month to winemakers because of cork taint, and asserts, "It's a waste of time and money for everybody.
shareholder (owning 10% or more voting stock) of a CFC formed after 1997 is not subject to the PFIC provisions if that shareholder is not subject to the PFIC taint.
In The New Republic, Pipes wrote that while Solzhenitsyn is too eager to exonerate czarist Russia of mistreating its Jewish subjects, and as a consequence is sometimes insensitive to the latter's predicament, "at least he absolves himself of the taint of anti-Semitism.
Volatile compounds that originated from wood may taint food packaged in paper and paperboard products.
If the odor or flavor of a foodstuff is foreign to the product, then the question is a matter of taint.
The big issue is mustiness, mainly caused by trichloroanisol (TCA) and usually called cork taint, although it is widely acknowledged it can come from many sources, including corks.
The most common chemical responsible for taint is 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole (TCA), which is transmitted to wine via contaminated cork, wood barrels or other winery surfaces," Corsi said.
Workers and equipment, such as bins or knives, can taint produce during the harvest or in later production steps.
Y Cartons in Leeds, follows a three-year development and field evaluation cycle and is designed to improve productivity by reducing human sensory testing to detect taint and odour.
A group of researchers and cork companies say they have developed a microwave process that virtually eliminates the cork taint blamed for most cases of musty-tasting wines.
Innovative Visual Taint Analysis for Understanding Hazardous Data Flow in Code Improves Embedded Device Reliability and Security
person is tainted with PFIC status, unless an appropriate qualified electing fund (QEF) election is made, such stock never loses that taint in the hands of the U.
So often in the past the cause of a taint was not finally identified, and thus its cause was not removed.
shareholder in the foreign transferee, the taint associated with the transferred CFC's untaxed E&P is attributed to the shares received in the foreign transferee.