tailor to

tailor someone or something to someone or something

to fit or revise someone or something to fit someone or something. The coach tailored his defensive team to the opposition. We can tailor service to your company very easily. I will tailor this suit to your specifications for no extra charge.
See also: tailor
References in classic literature ?
He enjoyed the feeling which he was exciting, and paraded the town serene and happy all day; but the young fellows set a tailor to work that night, and when Tom started out on his parade next morning, he found the old deformed Negro bell ringer straddling along in his wake tricked out in a flamboyant curtain-calico exaggeration of his finery, and imitating his fancy Eastern graces as well as he could.
The two women should be detained since they walked into the shop and allowed the tailor to touch the younger one," he said.
Owen Scott is the first tailor to open in the town for many years and is now proud to offer even more products and service for the men of Huddersfield.
When I went to the tailor to request some items be made for Eid, I found most of the shops were closed and refused to accept any customers," he said, adding that many tailors even put up signs saying they would be unwilling to entertain new clients until after Eid.
Items are then produced by the brands and shipped by Tinker Tailor to the customer in beautiful personalized packaging.
The tailor's guild was founded in 1536, with the apprenticeship enrollment book dating from 1576 to 1625 and the family's membership of it going back to 1789, when Michael's ancestor William Foggin was admitted after completing his apprenticeship as a tailor to John Barrow.
Whenever I have gone to any other tailor to get my suit I have always regretted it.
We have heard people saying every day is not sunday but these tailors celebrating each day as sunday throughout the holy month of Ramazan, remarked Zubaida Khatoon lumbered with bundle of suits while making entreaties to a stubborn tailor to get her suit prepared.
Le Carre's would-be spy is one Harry Pendel, a British immigrant and inveterate daydreamer who works as a tailor to the power elite in Panama City, dressing everyone from the Panamanian president to the general in charge of the U.
Visitors to the site will find The Tailor to be authoritative, not pretentious.
I started California Tailor to design the perfect button-down woven shirt - an essential in every woman's wardrobe since Audrey Hepburn showed us how to wear it.