tailor to

tailor (something) to (someone or something)

To change, adapt, or customize something so as to be correct or ideal for a particular person, thing, group, or situation. Because the entire program is online, we are able to tailor it to students from every walk of life. Our service tailors marketing strategies to businesses at an individual level, helping them realize their maximum potential.
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tailor someone or something to someone or something

to fit or revise someone or something to fit someone or something. The coach tailored his defensive team to the opposition. We can tailor service to your company very easily. I will tailor this suit to your specifications for no extra charge.
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'If you have not placed an order already, getting a tailor to make you clothes for Eid Al Fitr is going to be almost impossible.
Explaining why there is more pressure on some tailoring shops, Bilal Abdullatif, a textile merchant and tailor at the Souq, said buying the textile and taking it to another tailor to sew is more expensive, making people prefer where they can both buy the material and get it sewn.
Owen Scott is the first tailor to open in the town for many years and is now proud to offer even more products and service for the men of Huddersfield.
"When I went to the tailor to request some items be made for Eid, I found most of the shops were closed and refused to accept any customers," he said, adding that many tailors even put up signs saying they would be unwilling to entertain new clients until after Eid.
The tailor's guild was founded in 1536, with the apprenticeship enrollment book dating from 1576 to 1625 and the family's membership of it going back to 1789, when Michael's ancestor William Foggin was admitted after completing his apprenticeship as a tailor to John Barrow.
"Whenever I have gone to any other tailor to get my suit I have always regretted it.
He summoned the Chief Tailor to the court and asked why the gown had not yet been started.
"The two women should be detained since they walked into the shop and allowed the tailor to touch the younger one," he said.
Blades has trimmed the business in recent years by focusing on tailoring both in the North East as a tailor to the gentry and in London where the average age of his clients is in the late 20s and almost largely in the City.
We have heard people saying every day is not sunday but these tailors celebrating each day as sunday throughout the holy month of Ramazan, remarked Zubaida Khatoon lumbered with bundle of suits while making entreaties to a stubborn tailor to get her suit prepared.