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chlorophaea more often than did tailless geckos, presumably through autotomy.
She was sent to the Kaerchon political prison, an ordeal she has documented in a book, titled ''The Bright Eyes of the Tailless Beasts.
If one saying wittily stipulates "Not even God is ripe enough for a woman in love," (Yoruba) another acknowledges how the same God "pounds fufu for the one-armed woman," (Akan) "drives flies from the tailless cattle," (Yoruba again) "fills your gourd with palmwine and when you throw it way, fills it up for you once more.
Manx cats are tailless and are often to be seen, darting in and out of hedgerows.
Notice the addition of the tails to the normally tailless animals.
Those who vote for tailless models say these are sturdier and more efficient.
The X-47B is an unmanned aircraft Northrop Grumman developed for the Navy to demonstrate that an unmanned, tailless aircraft can operate safely and autonomously from aircraft carriers and refuel in-flight.
Another live specimen is the tailless whip scorpion, which has featured in a Harry Potter film.
As the tailless, bat-wing-shaped jet made its final turn and paused, its four General Electric engines began to roar.
Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works is designing a tailless flying wing that will integrate hardware and software from the company's F-35 joint strike fighter and RQ-170 Sentinel aircraft.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- A tailless parrot in Azerbaijan which makes for himself a tail from the paper by cutting it with its beak amazes.
Bush show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that tailless unmanned aircraft can integrate seamlessly and operate safely from an aircraft carrier at sea," said Capt.
The unmanned aircraft's specifications are impressive; shaped like a bat, tailless, and bearing a wingspan of 62 feet, the X-47B was designed to be a long-range vehicle that could operate at a ceiling of 40,000 feet at a speed classified as high subsonic--that's more than 600 miles per hour.
In 2013, when global barriers have been dropped as quickly as the linen of a jolly wench, and the internet has made us all next-door neighbours, Robert Burns, with his penchant for short skirts and drink, would end up as tailless as Tam o' Shanter's mare.
Tailless whip scorpions, also known as amblypygi, are cousins to spiders, belonging to the same class, Arachnida.