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In essence, the investigators manufacture just the tail, with the chosen modification, and chemically glue it to a tailless histone created separately.
The X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft developed as part of the U.S.
The tailless Barbary macaque was tracked down several times but repeatedly dodged tranquilliser darts.
Sweeping through Hydra, he spotted an 8th-magnitude tailless glow west of Alpha Hydrae at around 4:15 that morning.
Because of this error, the fossil had been dismissed as aheadless, tailless mass of scales and plates.
George the tailless monkey is a storybook character, as familiar to American children as the British equivalents of Noddy or Spot the Dog.
For several days the tailless coma was visible even from downtown Sydney.
Sweeping through Hydra with a 6-inch scope, he picked up an 8th-magnitude tailless glow west of Alpha Hydrae.
Comet 1999A1 appeared as a tailless 10.5-magnitude smudge when it was swept up with an 8-inch f/6 reflector.
If by January 15th you still need binoculars to pick out the comet and it continues to look like a tailless fuzzball, things do not bode well.
Some of the unique Welsh characters to be avoided on this night include Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta, the tailless black sow who is accompanied by a headless white lady, and Jack y Lantern, the Welsh jack-o'-lantern, a "dreaded ghost" which lit up the dark forests at night like a corpse candle.
'The God who created the tailless animal,' the good old saying goes, 'provides a way for it to ward off pests.' No matter the magnitude that makes life unbearable to live, I do not believe in one sending his/her child to stay elsewhere or with someone.
Both frogs and toads have tailless bodies with short front legs and larger hind legs.
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She knew nothing of the Instagram page and search for her ginger, tailless cat until Surrey Live first reported on it on March 13.