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Covering rocks and tailings, for example, may not prevent oxygen from reacting to sulfides in the rocks, he says.
According to Marty Puro, Inco's superintendent of decommissioning and reclamation, the company has been involved in the reclaiming of tailings since the early 1950s.
B&C's subsidiary entered into environmental clean-up agreements with Ghana's Apragya Stool Council and Nyafoman Stool Council to remove all gold bearing waste tailings from river and stream systems within the councils' land.
Advantages of surface paste deposition include: smaller footprint for tailings or waste impoundment, lower environmental impact, less clean-up and improved water management.
Lucky Amaratunga's presentation topics include: Sources of Wastes; Disposal Options; Recycling of Automobile and Electronic Scrap Using Mineral Processing Techniques; Environmental Industry Boom in the Future; The Role of the Mineral Processor in the SO2 Abatement Program in the Minerals Industry; the Application of Mineral Processing Techniques in Other Industries; Tailings to Resources (two major Canadian examples); Environmental Backfill Research at Laurentian University (Amartunga's own research and specific field of expertise)
In the first year of the program, the concentration of metals in the tailings at the Pronto site was reduced by 50 per cent.
The prime goal of the reclamation process is to bring about the immediate establishment of a permanent, self-sustaining, maintenance-free vegetation cover for an old tailings site.
The Environmental Court's negative ruling on 24th March concerning a new, expanded tailings pond is not compatible with future production at current levels in the Boliden area.
s gold tailings recovery project in Timmins remains at a standstill.
As the principal investigator at the Alberta Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility Dr.
Macassa, in continuous production since 1933, is expected to contribute 85,000 ounces of gold in 1990, while the adjacent Lake Shore tailings project will add another 13,000 ounces.
WALLACE, Idaho -- Sterling Mining Company (OTC:SRLM) is pleased to provide an update on the activities at its Barones project, a silver tailings recovery project in Zacatecas, Mexico.
9 million tons of radioactive uranium mill tailings from the banks of the Colorado River at Moab, Utah.
TSX VENTURE:AME) (the "Company") are pleased to announce that further to its announcement of May 17th, 2005, the due diligence and valuation of the Afton mill building, tailings storage areas, various permits and other infrastructure near Kamloops, British Columbia is underway.
WALLACE, Idaho -- Sterling Mining Company (OTC:SRLM) announced today production is under way at the Baroness tailings project in Zacatecas, Mexico.