tail end

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tail end

1. The rear or hindmost part of a person or animal; the place where an animal's tail is or would be. The fish can be identified by the distinctive purple stripes on its tail end. I fell off the horse and landed right on my tail end.
2. The very final stretch, part, or period of something. I'm getting to the tail end of the book Carol got me for Christmas. The singer just walked off the stage at the tail end of the concert without saying a word.
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tail end (of something)

1. The rearmost part of something. Don't hold your breath—you're at the tail end of the list of applications.
2. The last or concluding part of something. The famous author only appeared at the tail end of the panel.
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tail end

1. The rear or hindmost part, as in Douglas was at the tail end of the academic procession. [Mid-1700s]
2. The very end, the conclusion, as in Only at the tail end of his speech did he thank his sponsors. [Mid-1800s]
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n. the back end of something or someone. He was at the tail-end of the long line.
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By Tuesday, moderate to occasional strong northeasterlies will be experienced almost throughout the country, while the tail end of a cold front continues to affect eastern Luzon.
Spokesman of Nara canal area water board said that water reduction came due to shortage in River Indus however, we would maintained the water supply till tail end abagars by adopting rotation programme.
The CM said there were complaints of acute water shortage in Badin and other tail end areas.
They said that tail end users were being deprived of the water that they termed their basic right adding that all obstructions on water should be remove on immediate basis as entire creature of the universe can be given right to alive.
Talking to the media they said that they were facing shortage of water at tail ended areas.
The chief minister, who was presiding over his maiden meeting of the irrigation department here on Monday at CM House, referring to complaints of acute water shortage at Badin and other tail-end areas, directed the irrigation department to address these complaints by managing water distribution properly so that everyone up to the tail end could get some share.
While these sub divisions were of tail end areas and facing shortage of water despite supply of required quantity of water in irrigation system as 13,600 cusec in Nara canal head but unfortunately tail end areas were facing shortage of water that was injustice with small growers and deliberately being damaged of their agriculture, they blamed.
KARACHI -- The exterior design of aircraft of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), reeling from financial crisis, have been revamped with their tail end and engines painted with endangered species Markhor instead of national flag.
Metro Manila and the regions of Cordillera, Calabarzon, Bicol and the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Quirino are likely to experience cloudy skies and thunderstorms due to a tail end of a cold front, the state weather bureau said on Thursday.
MIRPURKHAS -- Caretaker Provincial Minister for Irrigation Syed Mushtaque Shah has said that the Rangers has been deployed to remove the water stealing in irrigation department system particularly in tail end areas of Nara canal to ensure reaching the water till tail end abadgar.
The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said in its public weather forecast, the Cagayan and Ilocos regions would experience scattered rainshowers due to the tail end of a cold front.
In meeting, SDOs of Irrigation Department submitted the report about water supplying till tail end areas of their retrospectives talukas.
The growers burnt tires and raised slogans against Dadu district irrigation engineers and other staff for illegally selling tail end growers' water share to influential.