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After seeing their outside chance of the play-offs disappear last month, the Seagulls have seen the season tail away, having taken only three points from their last six games.
I want to stop when I have a decision to make rather than tail away.
I don't think I have any worries that the season will tail away for us now, I really don't.
And it correctly states: "Ailerons allow us to tilt/bank the airplane so that a downward force of the horizontal stabilizer and elevator can be increased and applied horizontally pushing the tail away from the intended turn direction and thus push the nose in the turn direction around the center of gravity.
3 per cent recorded in the first six months of the year should tail away quite so dramatically as the IEA suggests it will.
It was therefore always to be expected that demand would tail away over the subsequent 12 months.
Malinga, who was winning the championship for a second year running after his success with Hetton Lyons last year, picked up 5-25 as he bowled unchanged, and Matthew Sampson-Barnes swept the tail away with 3-8 as Norton collapsed to 54 all out in just 20 overs.