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alarmist tactics

The use of fear as a means of convincing people to agree to, act upon, or unite behind something. The political candidate relied on alarmist tactics to win the election, giving the impression that her opponent would plunge the state into financial ruin.
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strong-arm tactics

Actions or maneuvers utilizing physical intimidation or force to achieve some particular goal or end. The mafia is known for using strong-arm tactics to force local business owners into paying protection money. This government's illegal strong-arm tactics will not go unpunished by the rest of the world!
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strong-arm tactics

force; the use of force. No more strong-arm tactics. You need to be more subtle. Strong-arm tactics are out. The boss says be gentle and don't hurt anybody.
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strong-arm tactics

n. tactics based on the use of force. Strong-arm tactics are out. The boss says be gentle and don’t break anybody.
See also: tactics
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Kipnis & Schmidt (1985) suggested three meta-categories--soft, hard, and rationality tactics to classify various UI tactics.
Predicting enemy action incorporates the art of tactics by accounting for the variables of the mission at hand; however, the science of tactics is the key to visualizing the operational framework, sequence, and timing.
The use of influence tactics is interwoven throughout the climate fabric of every kind of organization.
To see how rationales provided by normative pragmatic and pragma-dialectical theories compare, consider the guidelines that van Eemeren and Houtlosser (2006) have proposed for how a speaker may counter questionable tactics, guidelines based on topic potential, audience adaptation, and presentational devices.
But Tactics provides graphs and models to explain how commanders apply these guides interactively to ascertain their units' progress and then execute a comprehensive plan for their areas.
Context factors and personality variables may affect subjective probabilities and values of outcomes, and via this path the use of tactics.
More than half of Republicans (53%) support Bush's stance on Iraq: to keep the strategy but change the tactics.
The rest is just tactics to capitalize on this big trend.
Understanding how influence tactics affect supervisor-directed organizational citizenship behavior can provide guidelines for training supervisors in the use of appropriate influence tactics to increase organizational citizenship behavior in organizations.
I did a lot of negotiating with many different people from around the world with many different offensive and defensive negotiating tactics.
I agree you must learn and apply tactics well to enhance your ability to win.
Where conventional marketing tactics have saturated audiences with information, people have added layers of personal "filtering" devices to avoid information overload.
For law enforcement officers, the threshold problem that the Seibert case presents, aside from eliminating an interrogation tactic endorsed and practiced by many, boils down to a basic question, How can a person voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently waive a right to remain silent when the officer, through deliberate tactics, has already managed to get the "cat out of the bag"?
Now in an undated and expanded third addition that has added new material, more than 200 pages of additional information, and over 260 pictures or graphics printed in full color, Chief William Teie's Firefighter's Handbook On Wildland Firefighting: Strategy, Tactics And Safety deserves to be called "the bible" of modern wildland and forestry firefighting.
The objectives of the present study are (a) to explore the relationships among interpersonal communication tactics, perceived procedural justice, and the uncertainty of career stability of Japanese whitecollar workers; and (b) to reveal what kind of interpersonal communication tactics are effective for developing their perception of procedural justice and reducing their uncertainty of career stability.
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