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alarmist tactics

The use of fear as a means of convincing people to agree to, act upon, or unite behind something. The political candidate relied on alarmist tactics to win the election, giving the impression that her opponent would plunge the state into financial ruin. The dictator has always used alarmist tactics to maintain full control over his people. The union workers are now striking. Clearly, the company's alarmist tactics did not scare them into signing an unfavorable contract.
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strong-arm tactics

Actions or maneuvers utilizing physical intimidation or force to achieve some particular goal or end. The mafia is known for using strong-arm tactics to force local business owners into paying protection money. This government's illegal strong-arm tactics will not go unpunished by the rest of the world!
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strong-arm tactics

force; the use of force. No more strong-arm tactics. You need to be more subtle. Strong-arm tactics are out. The boss says be gentle and don't hurt anybody.
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strong-arm tactics

n. tactics based on the use of force. Strong-arm tactics are out. The boss says be gentle and don’t break anybody.
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He said the fifth tactic used by the former prime minister was to spread the notion that PH had betrayed its election manifesto and was a failed administration that would lose power at the next general election, a claim Lim rejected.
The motive for using supplication tactics is a complementary exchange of others' abilities to assist in the smooth completion of an individual's task (Jones & Pittman, 1982).
This should not detract from the basic utility of the book, but tactics is not a little known subject.
These behaviors are covert in nature, and if the target is able to identify agent's real intentions, then these tactics can prove to be counterproductive.
"Slope Fleet" (SF) and the "Continental Shelf Fleet" (CSF) comprised vessels that carried out 100 % of their fishing trips under slope and continental shelf tactics, respectively.
Interestingly, in the contemporary world we may find few examples where even a tougher and stronger opponent may resort to asymmetric warfare tactics in order to match a weaker opponent.
The disruption zones were based on activity associated with suicide vest or vehicle borne IED activity, irregular tactics, and typically observed near combat outposts and government controlled areas.
Keywords: Perceived politics, Organizational environment, Influence tactics, Job satisfaction
Of shoppers polled, 92% use at least one deal tactic regularly for consumables, 42% use five or more, and 11% use eight or more.
The purpose of this article is to inform The Regiment on the professional relationship with the Department of Tactics, describe the intent of the credentialing opportunity, and to outline how a resident officer conducts their education and testing.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 6, 2014-L-3 acquires Data Tactics for undisclosed sum
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, November 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- While many fitness pros and personal trainers are good at posting on Facebook or offering an occasional special, many struggle with putting these individual tactics into an overall strategy that will bolster their fitness business.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Ground Force units of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) exercised asymmetric tactics on the second day of their wargames in Eastern Iran on Sunday, spokesman of the drills said.
We continue to make heavy use of airstrikes because our "line" infantry tactics cannot do without them.
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