tack onto

tack (something) onto (something else)

1. To fix, fasten, or secure something onto something or some surface with or as with tacks or small nails. I just need to tack some aluminum sheeting onto the side of the barn. He's been going around tacking his posters onto the walls around campus.
2. To add something onto something else, especially that which is unwanted or superfluous. It feels like the filmmakers tacked the love story onto the plot at the last minute. They tacked a number of service charges onto my bill that they were not able to explain. If you kids keep talking, I'll tack an extra 50 pages onto your homework for the weekend.
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tack something onto something

 and tack something on
to add something onto something. The waiter kept tacking charges onto my bill. He tacked on charge after charge.
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That would tack onto an existing 2% local sales tax, meaning St.
Held up early on, he made nice progress to tack onto the heels of the leaders before the turn into the straight, but when push came to shove he couldn't pick up.
"If it's a Democratic administration and if Democrats control the Senate, that [supplemental war funding bill] will be a mustpass piece of legislation and [Democrats] may decide to tack onto it additional non-defense spending," Harrison said.
"Team Zain opened up the game when they became the first crew to tack onto starboard in a west-south-westerly breeze of six to nine knots.
Though she has budgeted for an additional 1,000 square feet of conventional floor space to tack onto the 6,000 square feet leased in March, Tremblay decided to go large and ask PDAC organizers for 2,000 square feet.
Sometimes, they'll say they're out of the country so it would really be great if you could wire them back some cash from the extra proceeds they'll tack onto the check.
While in the past hourly fees were common, companies, having to cut back, are scrutinizing their bills much more carefully these days and are unwilling to accept the previously unnoticed small fees that some firms tack onto their bills.
He said a conference committee may form depending on the amendments representatives tack onto the bill on the floor.
"It just makes it that much more money I have to tack onto my student loans," said Ben Reich, a junior majoring in aerospace administration at Middle Tennessee State University.
But according to sources, the building's land lord, the Rockefeller Group, has stepped in now with the requirement that Lehman tack onto the existing deal a mandatory 5-year extension done directly with the landlord and at sky high rents--a demand it has the power to make give that its permission is needed for the sublease.
Then tack onto that 44 percent for "border-related trade barriers"--partly tariffs, but mostly language, security, and currency exchange costs.
So astronomers were forced to create two new spectral types to tack onto the end of the famous OBAFGKM sequence: L for objects with temperatures between 2,200[degrees] and 1,300[degrees] K, and T for those even cooler.
It's just easier to tack onto something already being successfully done rather than creating your own event.
They took on a renowned local architect, Nick James of David Robotham Ltd who created a vast new wing - a house in its own right - to tack onto the worthy original.
It's a spectacular journey which most travellers tack onto a Canadian holiday.