tack down

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tack something down

to fasten something down with small nails. Someone had better tack this carpet down. Please tack down this carpet.
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Once we've achieved this initial bonding of a single layer of CBN to the wheel, it's necessary to tack down the layer and encapsulate the crystals by building up the nickel to perhaps 50 to 60 percent of the height of a crystal," says Stauffenberg.
The Grocer has learned that the company has just taken exactly that tack Down Under where the guarana-boosted chocolate bars, and now milk drinks, have gone under the name of Viking.
West Mercia officers are liaising with West Midlands Police in a bid to tack down the offenders.
With the speed at which this technological innovation is taking over the industry's processes, by the time the risk manager can tack down the current state-of-the-art advances, things move forward again.
Place non-skid treads or tack down carpet runners on stairways to
Cut the opening with a saber saw, tack down the sheet metal edges, and drop in the sink.
If you don't have usable floorboards, tack down plywood or hardboard sheets.
Researchers can use light beams-laser tweezers-to tack down one end of a molecule, grab the other end, and pull on it.
The ministry expressed confidence in the specialized authorities to tack down the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
Step 4 - Place the layers of tulle over the crown and tack down using invisible thread.