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boiling frog syndrome

The failure to accept, acknowledge, or act against a problematic situation that will gradually increase in severity until it reaches calamitous proportions. It is a metaphor taken from an anecdotal parable about boiling a frog, in which a frog placed in boiling water will immediately try to save itself, but one placed in cool water that is gradually brought to a boil will not notice the heat until it is boiled to death. Many environmentalists accuse naysayers of having boiling frog syndrome, not accepting that damage is being done until the earth is polluted beyond repair.
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China syndrome

A scenario in which a nuclear reactor meltdown in North America would theoretically melt a hole straight through the Earth to China (which is impossible). In more realistic usage, it describes such a meltdown reaching groundwater and forcing subsequent radioactive gases into the atmosphere. The latter scenario was used as the basis of a 1979 film of the same name starring Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda. While many advocate nuclear power as clean and safe, the risk of catastrophes such as China syndrome make me very nervous about its use.
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empty nest

A family home inhabited by parents after their children have grown up and departed. Many parents feel depressed when they are left in an empty nest.
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floppy baby syndrome

Colloquial term for an abnormally limp posture in an infant lying prone due to an inability to maintain flexed ligaments or muscles. Also called "floppy infant syndrome." We were only made aware of our child's spinal muscular atrophy when she began showing signs of floppy baby syndrome.
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floppy infant syndrome

Colloquial term for an abnormally limp posture in an infant lying prone due to an inability to maintain flexed ligaments or muscles. Also called "floppy baby syndrome." We were only made aware of our child's spinal muscular atrophy when she began showing signs of floppy infant syndrome.
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not-invented-here syndrome

A prejudicial belief that products, systems, software, etc., that were not developed within a company or organization are not as suitable or well made as those that are created in-house. I think the boss's not-invented-here-syndrome stems from experiences he had using third-party software in his previous business, which apparently cost them thousands of dollars trying to implement.
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Peter Pan syndrome

A psychological state or condition in which a grown person cannot or refuses to act like an adult; a stubborn and persistent immaturity found in an adult person. I seem cursed to only find men who have some damned Peter Pan syndrome. I'm tired of going out with guys who act like children!
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revolving door syndrome

1. In psychiatry, a patient's pattern of repeated admissions to psychiatric facilities. Since Penny is back here yet again, we need to devise a different treatment plan for her, to try and stop this revolving door syndrome.
2. The behavior exhibited by adult children who can no longer afford to live on their own and thus return home to live with their parents. My son is living with me once again and, given his disinterest in steady employment, I doubt this revolving door syndrome will ever end!
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empty nest syndrome

Feelings of sadness experienced by parents after all of their grown children have moved out. Now that our youngest is away at college, my husband and I are going through empty nest syndrome. I thought I would enjoy having a quiet house again, but it actually makes me sad—I guess I'm suffering from empty nest syndrome.
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empty nest

The home of parents whose children have grown up and moved out. For example, Now that they had an empty nest, Jim and Jane opened a bed-and-breakfast. This expression, alluding to a nest from which baby birds have flown, gave rise to such related ones as empty-nester, for a parent whose children had moved out, and empty-nest syndrome, for the state of mind of parents whose children had left. [c. 1970]
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