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synchronize with (someone or something)

1. To occur, operate, or function at the same time as someone or something else. On my signal, we'll synchronize with bravo team and strike the hideouts at exactly the same time. The various machines have to synchronize perfectly with one another in order for the assembly line to function correctly.
2. To coordinate and operate in unison with someone or something else. I want you to synchronize with Sarah on this project so that you are both making progress in tandem. The new app helps you synchronize with your employees around the globe.
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synchronize something with (something else)

to set or adjust something to coordinate its timing with something else. Would you please synchronize your watch with mine? We could never synchronize our schedules so that we could get together.
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Open question Let Q be the set of states of a synchronizing strongly connected n-state DFA.
On the synchronizing probability function and the triple rendezvous time for synchronzing automata.
To test Win95, we loaded the following applications on our IBM ThinkPad (a 75-megahertz 486 with 16 megabytes of RAM), and ran them simultaneously: the new beta version of Win95's Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Schedule+, the old version of Access 2.0 (a Microsoft database), XyWrite 4.12 for Windows (a word processor), askSam 2.0 for Windows (a database), OnTim (a calendar program), WinFile (the new name for the old File Manager), Explorer (a file-launching function), the Win95 calculator, the Control Panel (for customizing the computer screen, mouse, calendar, modem and password, for example), the Win95 talking alarm clock, Briefcase (a program for synchronizing files between multiple computers), CompuServe and, for the fun of it, Solitaire.
This enables mobile workers to enter and access information using a laptop computer synchronizing all changes with the organization's back-end database.
So, Faust was not surprised to get a late-night call from a woman with a cell phone standing bedazzled among synchronizing fireflies on the lawn of a North Carolina mountain fishing lodge.
Even among synchronizing fireflies, this ability to change the natural pace is far from universal.
Although the binding problem has yet to be resolved, numerous studies in the last several years have suggested that widely scattered neural clusters build a foundation for perceptual binding by synchronizing their electric discharges.
"We tried many different initial conditions, and the system always ended up synchronizing," Strogatz says.
"There are many different ways of synchronizing," Ermentrout says.