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synchronize with (someone or something)

1. To occur, operate, or function at the same time as someone or something else. On my signal, we'll synchronize with bravo team and strike the hideouts at exactly the same time. The various machines have to synchronize perfectly with one another in order for the assembly line to function correctly.
2. To coordinate and operate in unison with someone or something else. I want you to synchronize with Sarah on this project so that you are both making progress in tandem. The new app helps you synchronize with your employees around the globe.
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synchronize something with (something else)

to set or adjust something to coordinate its timing with something else. Would you please synchronize your watch with mine? We could never synchronize our schedules so that we could get together.
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It is important to remember that it is a Phase Zero plan based on the premise that our definition of success is based on how effectively we proactively synchronize distribution and deployment processes.
It can even automatically synchronize settings of applications such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.
Importantly, disabling the nocte gene in nerve cells in the body also prevented the brain's ability to synchronize with temperature.
The DTCI concept proposes use of a transportation coordinator to integrate and synchronize movement of freight within the continental United States.
Chapura, a developer of software primarily for handheld computers, announced technology to synchronize a Palm handheld computer with a Microsoft Exchange server.
Configured as a 6U VME board, it synchronizes up to eight modules, each receiving a common clock up to 2.2 GHz along with timing signals for synchronizing, triggering and gating functions.
-- Network/Unplugged(R) - Synchronizes and backs up files and documents.
In addition, we loaded FileRunner, a handy DOS program that synchronizes files on multiple computers.
Valpey Fisher's VFJA432 and VFJA434 integrated timing modules can synchronize an Ethernet physical layer to a telecom network timing reference while generating a 0.18 picosecond jitter Ethernet clock.