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synchronize with (someone or something)

1. To occur, operate, or function at the same time as someone or something else. On my signal, we'll synchronize with bravo team and strike the hideouts at exactly the same time. The various machines have to synchronize perfectly with one another in order for the assembly line to function correctly.
2. To coordinate and operate in unison with someone or something else. I want you to synchronize with Sarah on this project so that you are both making progress in tandem. The new app helps you synchronize with your employees around the globe.
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synchronize something with (something else)

to set or adjust something to coordinate its timing with something else. Would you please synchronize your watch with mine? We could never synchronize our schedules so that we could get together.
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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is so unique that it has only one half-dupe.
Besides several award-winning programs such as water polo and water fitness, the city also hosts an annual Pool Show, featuring performances from a variety of synchronized swimming teams.
In today's business environment, synchronized commerce is fundamentally a strate-gic issue for c-level executives, and is also a strategic tool that can help these exec-utives address their most important challenges.
Distributing the storage management intelligence also allows storage to be managed and synchronized across multiple geographic locations.
If desired, synchronized controls allow wearers to adjust the volume or program on one instrument to make changes to both simultaneously.
Iyengar believes that poses must be done with precision; only then can the rhythms of the person's physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions become synchronized. However, not everyone can perform the poses as they are classically taught, so Iyengar created a system of props to offer support--bolsters, blocks, blankets, chairs, and even benches.
We call it synchronized commerce, because it requires a high degree of collaboration, trust, precision and accountability among the various supply-chain partners.
The scope of the operation amazes the Soldiers and civilians who synchronized it.
The particular engineering solution that was evaluated was the use of synchronized traffic signal lights.
Data flows back and forth when handhelds are synchronized. PAAM is central to the firm's Handheld Learning Environment that links together content from their FreeWrite, PicoMap, Sketchy and FlingIt (included) programs into one enriched project document.
"You can return from a visit to the water cooler and SQL Compare 3 will have compared and synchronized your databases containing tens of thousands of schema objects," said Neil Davidson, Red Gate's technical director.
OnDemand 8.0 provides a synchronized content development platform for business process documentation, user training simulations and material, and in-application performance support throughout the life cycle of an enterprise software application project.
That's the strength and stamina you need for synchronized swimming.
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