synchronize with

synchronize with (someone or something)

1. To occur, operate, or function at the same time as someone or something else. On my signal, we'll synchronize with bravo team and strike the hideouts at exactly the same time. The various machines have to synchronize perfectly with one another in order for the assembly line to function correctly.
2. To coordinate and operate in unison with someone or something else. I want you to synchronize with Sarah on this project so that you are both making progress in tandem. The new app helps you synchronize with your employees around the globe.
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synchronize something with (something else)

to set or adjust something to coordinate its timing with something else. Would you please synchronize your watch with mine? We could never synchronize our schedules so that we could get together.
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Importantly, disabling the nocte gene in nerve cells in the body also prevented the brain's ability to synchronize with temperature.
In addition to synchronizing handheld databases with local FileMaker Pro databases, teams can now synchronize with databases hosted by FileMaker Server.
5, 2005 Physical Review Letters, the NIST team demonstrated that nano-oscillators synchronize with incoming microwaves, suggesting that the devices might be suitable for making directional receivers and transmitters that can pick up or radiate microwave energy in chosen orientations.
Users can synchronize with runtime applications created with FileMaker Developer 7 and create, share and synchronize data between Dana and home or classroom Windows XP or Mac OS X systems.
It can synchronize with Excel files stored on a network, email spreadsheets as attachments (using another program, MultiMail Pro from Actual Software), and offers an ActiveX/COM API to enable the incorporation of Quicksheet into a custom solution by ISVs, even without Excel.
Perhaps the best part of AnyDay is its ability to synchronize with your existing PIM to keep all of your data up-to-date.
In the brains of schizophrenia sufferers, electrical activity fails to synchronize with a specific sound frequency as it does in the brains of mentally healthy people, report psychiatrist Robert W.
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