sympathize with

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sympathize with (someone or something)

1. To feel or express compassion for what someone is experiencing or feeling. We're so sorry for your loss, Mike. I just wanted to let you know that we all sympathize with you. I really sympathize with her plight—it's just such an awful situation, with no clear solution.
2. To share or understand the thoughts, ideas, ambitions, etc., of someone or something else. We certainly sympathize with your intentions, Ms. Connors, but there are certain issues that make this much more difficult to implement than you're suggesting. Thankfully the board of directors sympathized with our team and what we were trying to accomplish.
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sympathize with someone (about someone or something)

to share someone else's sorrow or anger about someone or something; to comfort someone who is sad or angry (about someone or something). I sympathize with you about what you are going through. I really sympathize with you.
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Additionally, adults aged 18 to 34 are slightly less likely than those 55 and older to sympathize with the Israelis.
I sympathize with the people of Mexico who want a better way of life.
Justice Scalia has no pity for the millions of gay Americans on whom sodomy laws and official homophobia have such an effect, so it is difficult to sympathize with his brief moment of 'humiliation.
Others may sympathize with students in Texas who travel over 90 miles one way to school by bus each day.
Berman and other critics say they sympathize with Exon's concern about children accessing explicit material, but say that doesn't justify draconian restrictions on communication between consenting adults.
I also sympathize with specific parts of the Pantheon agenda.
Although our medical expert testified at deposition that the injury was also consistent with other conditions unrelated to sexual abuse, a jury may sympathize with (the woman) and return a verdict in her favor,'' Granbo wrote.
This includes using backdoor tactics to appeal to those who may sympathize with Bush but oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Her thoughts and actions at times are so manipulative that it is difficult at the end of the book to sympathize with the injustice of the execution verdict.
MOST Californians can sympathize with truckers who've been hit hard by sky-high diesel fuel prices - we've all been paying a lot at the pump lately.
Campus officials said that while they sympathize with the protesters, the ROTC program and on-campus military recruiters have legitimate roles at CSUN.
We sympathize with Oney as she struggles with the decision to leave a life of comfort with the family who has treated her so well for an unknown life as a free American.
While Cherie can sympathize with her husband - indeed she joked, the nightlong arguments have strengthened their marriage - she wants better services.