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sympathize with (someone or something)

1. To feel or express compassion for what someone is experiencing or feeling. We're so sorry for your loss, Mike. I just wanted to let you know that we all sympathize with you. I really sympathize with her plight—it's just such an awful situation, with no clear solution.
2. To share or understand the thoughts, ideas, ambitions, etc., of someone or something else. We certainly sympathize with your intentions, Ms. Connors, but there are certain issues that make this much more difficult to implement than you're suggesting. Thankfully the board of directors sympathized with our team and what we were trying to accomplish.
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sympathize with someone (about someone or something)

to share someone else's sorrow or anger about someone or something; to comfort someone who is sad or angry (about someone or something). I sympathize with you about what you are going through. I really sympathize with you.
See also: sympathize
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An overwhelming majority of Republicans (83%) sympathize more with the views of religious leaders, while nearly as high a percentage of Democrats (76%) sympathize more with the Obama administration.
However, the percentage who are neutral -- saying they sympathize equally with both, sympathize with neither, or expressing no opinion -- has shifted, with corresponding changes in support for Israel.
Sullivan is obviously in a lot of pain, but I can't fully sympathize with him when he chooses to remain in a place where he knows he'll get hurt.
She conveys Alex's confusion convincingly, and in the end readers will sympathize with everyone involved.
Israel is surrounded by Arab Muslim countries, which sympathize with Palestinians.
While I am not a supporter of the Anglican Communion in New Westminster in any formal sense, I certainly sympathize with their frustration and anxiety.
Entman and Rojecki's research shows that most whites are ambivalent about African Americans; they sympathize with those who suffer from discrimination, yet they are impatient with ongoing black demands for racial justice.
Would Peters also sympathize with schools that refused to hire heterosexual males as high school teachers, on the grounds that these men are "powerfully attracted" to nubile teenage girls?
TEHRAN (FNA)- Overall percentage of US citizens who sympathize with Palestinians more than Israelis has gone up slightly, the Pew Research Center reported.
Justice Scalia has no pity for the millions of gay Americans on whom sodomy laws and official homophobia have such an effect, so it is difficult to sympathize with his brief moment of 'humiliation.
Others may sympathize with students in Texas who travel over 90 miles one way to school by bus each day.
I also sympathize with specific parts of the Pantheon agenda.