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status symbol

Something, especially that which is very expensive and flashy, that someone owns and displays as a means of showing of their wealth or success. In this part of the city, expensive sneakers and designer sweatshirts are the real status symbols. Nothing says "status symbol" like a single person buying a 25,000 square foot mansion all for themselves.
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status symbol

A position or activity that allows one's social prestige to be displayed, as in She doesn't even drive; that car of hers is purely a status symbol. [Mid-1900s]
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a ˈstatus symbol

an expensive possession which shows people that you are rich: These cars are regarded as status symbols in Britain.
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status symbol

A possession or privilege that is a mark of one’s social standing. Dating from the mid-twentieth century, this term is often used sarcastically, in effect deriding anyone who relies on status symbols for a sense of worth. The New York Times used it on September 3, 2000, in an article by Geraldine Fabrikant about lawyer Johnnie L. Cochran’s purchasing a private plane: “Mr. Cochran . . . is now hitting the major money leagues as well, and he has the status-symbol issue down pat.”
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[delta]([q.sub.5], 0, T) = {([q.sub.5], YT), ([q.sub.6], T)} when reading the symbol 0 pop again Ys onto the stack or guess the mismatch and move to state [q.sub.6], T = {[Z.sub.0], X}
Instead, they waited to see if Frank stood up, touched the tangible object symbol, or made any effort to gain their attention.
Having considered the matter, the Commission had passed an order dated March 8, 2019, directing that JMM and Shiv Sena will not be granted concession under Paragraph 10 of the Symbols Order, to use their reserved symbol 'Bow & Arrow' for contesting elections in Bihar, henceforth.
To contest these memories can only be done through strong social movements that start by proving or discrediting the symbol many times supported by historical events themselves or research.
After years of Harley being crystal clear about what they believe, after years of being disciplined about a set of values and guiding principles and after years of being doggedly consistent about everything they say and do, their logo has become a symbol. It no longer simply identifies a company and its products; it identifies a belief.
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Mr Nisar reiterated that he was not associated with any 'jeep group', that he had not consulted with anyone regarding the symbol and that he had also not known that many other people had chosen the same symbol.
It is because the 'jeep' has been allotted as election symbol to at least 150 candidates (60 NA and 90 provincial assemblies).
Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) leader Iftikhar Alam is contesting from PS-126 on the PSP ticket on the party symbol, dolphin.
Renault Oman has announced an exciting offer on the status-enhancing yet affordable family sedan Renault Symbol. We have put together unlimited offers for the customers of Renault Symbol as part of our strategic focus to enhance ownership experience.'
It fought the elections of 1970 with the symbol of the sword.
The PPP, with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as its chairperson, was given the symbol of sword the symbol the party had contested elections on when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was its chief which PPP-Parliamentarians (PPPP) whose official president is Asif Ali Zardari, was allotted the arrow the symbol the party has been contesting elections on since the sword was removed from the symbol list after the 1977 elections
Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to contest the upcoming general elections of 2018 with the symbol of the sword.
The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divisionreleased a new "Single Universal Symbol"that must be included on packaging and labeling for all cannabis products.