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status symbol

Something, especially that which is very expensive and flashy, that someone owns and displays as a means of showing of their wealth or success. In this part of the city, expensive sneakers and designer sweatshirts are the real status symbols. Nothing says "status symbol" like a single person buying a 25,000 square foot mansion all for themselves.
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status symbol

A position or activity that allows one's social prestige to be displayed, as in She doesn't even drive; that car of hers is purely a status symbol. [Mid-1900s]
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a ˈstatus symbol

an expensive possession which shows people that you are rich: These cars are regarded as status symbols in Britain.
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The schools of poets and philosophers are not more intoxicated with their symbols than the populace with theirs.
The use of symbols has a certain power of emancipation and exhilaration for all men.
When the friend shows his inmost heart to his friend; the lover to his best beloved; when man does not vainly shrink from the eye of his Creator, loathsomely treasuring up the secret of his sin; then deem me a monster, for the symbol beneath which I have lived, and die
Pointing your cursor to any symbol generates a yellow ScreenTip window containing a brief description of the symbol.
DiVitas tested and co-validated wireless voice calls on the Symbol WiFi network, seamlessly moving to-and-from a GPRS/GSM cellular network, and maintaining a connection without interruption.
Wavelink, a leading developer of mobile application and infrastructure management software for the enterprise, today announced that Symbol is pre-licensing Wavelink's Terminal Emulation client software on its MC3090-G, MC90X0-G and other Mobile Computers.
AirDefense, the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, and Symbol Technologies, Inc.
We are very pleased that Symbol validated our software and that together we can help grow the market for multi-modal, voice-driven logistics applications," said Tom Drury, Voxware CEO.
The Symbol MC9000-G with RFID enables employees working at the edge of the enterprise to play a critical role in enterprise mobility by capturing information from both RFID tags and bar codes, helping them to move information faster, so real-time decisions can be made," continued Lazo.
Trio's security technology on Symbol mobile devices will help provide seamless network roaming and authentication, as well as offer confidence to organizations that their data and intellectual property is inaccessible to those lacking authorization.
A license by Symbol of HHP's PDF417 technology and "finger
Attorney's Office and SEC call for Symbol to pay $37 million in cash to a restitution fund for members of the class consisting of purchasers or acquirers of Symbol stock from February 15, 2000, to October 17, 2002, and $3 million to the U.
The Symbol LS 3408 series is well-suited for shop floor management, inventory control, asset tracking, document control, and line operations.
The Symbol PD 4500 and PD 7000 support applications for online and offline debit/credit, signature capture, scrolling line item display, EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer), gift and loyalty programs and advertisements.