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words of one syllable

Very simple words; terms that are easy to understand. You're an astrophysicist and I'm not, so please, explain this concept in words of one syllable so I might have a chance of understanding it!
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in words of one syllable

In simple terms that are easy to understand. (Usually implying that the listener is unintelligent.) You're helping my brother set up his computer? Be sure you explain things in words of one syllable.
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words of one syllable, in

In simple terms, as in I don't understand financial derivatives-can you explain them in words of one syllable? [Colloquial; 1920s]
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in words of one syllable

If you explain something to someone in words of one syllable, you explain it very simply and clearly. I'm sure I don't have to spell things out in words of one syllable to you. He wanted to know if I would help out. I told him in words of one syllable that I would not. Note: You sometimes use this expression to suggest that the other person is stupid or slow to understand something.
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in words of one syllable

using very simple language; expressed plainly.
1994 Canal & Riverboat Bear with me then, if I use words of one syllable now and again, in this series of articles for L drivers.
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in words of one ˈsyllable

using very simple language so that somebody will understand: They didn’t seem to understand my explanation, so I explained it all again in words of one syllable.
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Like in Estonian, a trisyllabic simple word can form a foot in Livonian, where the stressed syllable is followed by two unstressed syllables (ka-ladon 'fish, DPl').
The unstressed component, which has been changed from one syllable (iamb) to two (anapest) "pays the price" in that the duration of time for an unstressed syllable is shortened by half.
Syllabic Number Syllable Count of the Number's Name 1 (one syllable) 1 7 (two syllables) 2 11 (three syllables) 3 27 (etc.
In Welsh, the stress is created by lengthening the consonant following the stressed syllable.
Every syllable consists of a nucleus and an optional coda.
THE grieving families of the 179 British soldiers killed in the Iraq War deserve "every syllable of the truth" as they try to find closure, Labour Newport West MP Paul Flynn told the Commons yesterday.
We measured the song duration (ms), length of each syllable (ms), number of syllables (per song), and the syllable minimum frequency (Hz).
Berent and her colleagues examined the response of human brains to distinct syllable types -- either ones that are frequent across languages (e.
Among the topics are syllable duration and sign structure in spontaneous Finnish sign language, two different intonation contours of Estonian jaajaa, the perception of phrase boundaries and prominent syllables in German, an acoustic study of accentuation in Estonian Swedish compounds, and postponed pitch reset as a device for indicating dependency between utterances.
Thus, in the Hungarian iamb we are dealing with the negative compensatory principle: certain syllable types are prohibited in certain positions.
Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras: Vowels, Consonants, and Syllables for Spiritual Transformation pairs a 66-minute CD with a practical guide to using the Sacred Alphabet and comes from a sound-healing teacher who considers connections between the 7 chakras and vowel, consonant and syllable combinations.
Pairs of syllables appeared together, but were separated by a third syllable.
They also like to stress the middle syllable of their own club name, as in the Vieira song: "He comes from Senegal, and he plays for Ars-er-nal," although that's not so much their fault as Ingerland fans have been doing it for years.
That period they were asked to make lists of eight syllable line possibilities that would work in this setting.
d) Because line 2 contains four syllables and 'journey done' is three syllables long, I know I need only one more syllable to complete the line.