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words of one syllable

Very simple words; terms that are easy to understand. You're an astrophysicist and I'm not, so please, explain this concept in words of one syllable so I might have a chance of understanding it!
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in words of one syllable

In simple terms that are easy to understand. (Usually implying that the listener is unintelligent.) You're helping my brother set up his computer? Be sure you explain things in words of one syllable.
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words of one syllable, in

In simple terms, as in I don't understand financial derivatives-can you explain them in words of one syllable? [Colloquial; 1920s]
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in words of one syllable

If you explain something to someone in words of one syllable, you explain it very simply and clearly. I'm sure I don't have to spell things out in words of one syllable to you. He wanted to know if I would help out. I told him in words of one syllable that I would not. Note: You sometimes use this expression to suggest that the other person is stupid or slow to understand something.
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in words of one syllable

using very simple language; expressed plainly.
1994 Canal & Riverboat Bear with me then, if I use words of one syllable now and again, in this series of articles for L drivers.
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in words of one ˈsyllable

using very simple language so that somebody will understand: They didn’t seem to understand my explanation, so I explained it all again in words of one syllable.
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In this aspect, the meter of Fennic folk song is quite paradoxical: if we exclude the first syllable, in odd positions a light syllable with the main stress, in even positions a heavy syllable with the main stress is not admitted (the original form has been best preserved in Finnish kalevalamitta, but also in Estonian regisong, see Krohn 1926, compare the discussion in Poldmae 1978:151-157).
If it does then the question arises how to mark the syllables boundaries of such words It implies whether medial C or CC of a word is the part of the preceding syllable or the following.
To automatically segment speech signal into distinct syllables, we first calculated the probability of syllable transition that can be used to classify the syllable transition boundaries for each frame and then chose the local peaks of the smoothed traces of syllable transition probability as syllable segmentation points.
According to the criteria mentioned above, Ilami Kurdish, which will be examined in this paper, is by definition a 'stress variety' in which every (content) word has at least one stressed syllable.
A sample of 120 loan words of different syllable types were collected, transcribed, and translated into English.
The opposition of the so-called "broken syllable intonation" and "falling syllable intonation" in deep Latgallian subdialects is phonologically realized by a specific prosodic feature--sharp (usually with glottalization) or level changes of the intensity and the fundamental pitch, while this contrast is even intensified by quantitative differences as the level toneme is longer than the sharp one.
The blue line pictures the pitch of the given word and the yellow line in the form of peaks shows the intensity produced for each syllable (the present study does not focus on the issue of intensity since it is mainly concerned with Pitch and Duration only).
Tsur is more wary of accepting unrealized beats, but does concede to one when a syllable is missing (i.
Also one never sees a weak syllable corresponding with this down-beat.
In the development of phonological skills, there is a gradual progression beginning with the ability to manipulate words, followed by syllable manipulation, and finally phoneme manipulation.
Prof Mennen added: "Welsh speakers may be aware that the stress in most Welsh words lies in the last but one syllable - and learners may be told this - but what Welsh speakers may not realise is that the way the language creates that stress is totally different to the way the English language places emphasis on a syllable.
Klonn-Pad has the rules of syllable, Line (Wak), Baat, Bot and relational rule of syllable in each Wak [4].
Berent and her colleagues examined the response of human brains to distinct syllable types -- either ones that are frequent across languages (e.
Those who sang them performed better in memory tests when they were asked to learn words with similar syllables.