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in words of one syllable

In simple terms that are easy to understand. (Usually implying that the listener is unintelligent.) You're helping my brother set up his computer? Be sure you explain things in words of one syllable.
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words of one syllable

Very simple words; terms that are easy to understand. You're an astrophysicist and I'm not, so please, explain this concept in words of one syllable so I might have a chance of understanding it!
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words of one syllable, in

In simple terms, as in I don't understand financial derivatives-can you explain them in words of one syllable? [Colloquial; 1920s]
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in words of one syllable

If you explain something to someone in words of one syllable, you explain it very simply and clearly. I'm sure I don't have to spell things out in words of one syllable to you. He wanted to know if I would help out. I told him in words of one syllable that I would not. Note: You sometimes use this expression to suggest that the other person is stupid or slow to understand something.
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in words of one syllable

using very simple language; expressed plainly.
1994 Canal & Riverboat Bear with me then, if I use words of one syllable now and again, in this series of articles for L drivers.
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in words of one ˈsyllable

using very simple language so that somebody will understand: They didn’t seem to understand my explanation, so I explained it all again in words of one syllable.
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Some participles in -ed can treat the end as a full syllable, as in aged, ragged, learned, dogged, blessed, rather as though reviving English speech of a much earlier age.
"You've got word detectors and syllable detectors and, like with lots of things in life, as you use them they're going to get worn out - like your muscles," Vitevitch added.
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The most significant observation of this research study demonstrated that suffixes ese and ade have the least effect on participants' stress placements, because maximum of the primary stress maintained on first syllable in their suffixed words along with their root words, but do not shift to last syllable.
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