swoon over

swoon over someone or something

to seem to faint or pass out about someone or something. The kids swooned over the rock star like the kids of thirty years ago. Evangeline swooned over the frightful news.
See also: over
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These days, snogging Simon Gregson is all in a day's work for Kym Marsh, but she has confessed that when she was a girl she used to swoon over the Street star.
WOMEN queued at Madame Tussauds in London yesterday to swoon over a waxwork figure of American movie idol Ryan Gosling.
Four-piece The Purnells, who play delicious rock that the Arctic Monkeys would swoon over, have supported The Bluetones and are confirmed for ARC'S stage alongside The View for Stockton Calling.
Where we once adored Russian soul, now we swoon over Latin fire.
1 -- color) Boys in the cast of ``Bye Bye Birdie'' look on disapprovingly as girls swoon over teen idol Conrad Birdie, played by Tyler Heckathorn.
If your Valentine's Day gifts tend to be more Average Joe than romantic hero, there's still a gift that will make your wife or girlfriend swoon over you this Valentine's Day -- diamonds.
Lawrence and Rent-A-Fan Club's Therese Lee, both professional actors, were hired to swoon over Krajeski at his 50th birthday celebration.