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swoon over (someone or something)

To be overwhelmed or overcome by a rapturous feeling caused by someone or something. We stood there swooning over the dreamy actor like we were schoolgirls again. Fans across the country have been swooning over the band's announcement.
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swoon over someone or something

to seem to faint or pass out about someone or something. The kids swooned over the rock star like the kids of thirty years ago. Evangeline swooned over the frightful news.
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The responses given by Senior VP and Publisher Jean Feiwel, Director Lauren Scobell, and debut author Kristen Orlando to the questions I posed about life, Swoon Reads, and career tips, will inspire readers of all ages to join the fun.
However, calling it a Spring Swoon would be misleading; it really has nothing to do with the seasons.
Whereas Fatou's first collection of poems was largely about sex, with Swoon she wanted to encompass more than that.
Providing lush anthemic songs that will make you swoon are lo-fi four-piece THE BROKEN BROADCAST; while talented trio THE PANORAMIC complete the line up.
Aussie thesp Eric Bana, who flew in from Germany--where he was promoting "Munich"--to introduce Jackman, said: "His name alone inspires the following response: from men--'ehh' (nod your head approvingly)--and from women 'ahh' (smile and swoon a little).
Unluckily for Kashatus, the Richie Alien, '64 Phillies, and racial integration of his subtitle did not converge tidily enough to explain the "September swoon.
There's always the chance that if you paid $25 four years ago for a stock, it might: be up as high as $58 in April and then swoon to $43 a share in November," she adds.
com) | Demistool, upholstered in maritime grey, PS99, available from Swoon Editi(020 3137 246| Demistool, upholstered in maritime grey, PS99, available from Swoon Editions (020 3137 2464/ www.
In the previous book, Swoon (Simon Pulse, 2009/VOYA April 2009), Dice and her cousin, Pen, accidentally tap into their clairvoyant powers and bring Sin, a licentious troublemaker from the 18th century, from the afterlife into the party scene of a rich New England town.
Trevor Silvester is the brains behind the new online dating site swoon.
Snow replaces grass and stone A time we seldom feel alone The British Christmas falls tonight To set our eager souls alight I see your light, your tender stare Your outstretched arms and skin so fair This town looks good beneath the sky Reflected in your gazing eye Smiles replace the mid-year frown Aswe see the saviour's crown Snowy flakes swoon, they fly
The costumes, the sets, the princes and princesses waltzing around the ice - it's enough to make any little girl swoon.
She said: "He is going to make us swoon for many years to come.
The Advocate's own Alonso Duralde offers astute political commentary on films that have shaped our struggle and depicted our diverse lives, such as Paris Is Burning and lesser-known gems like Swoon.