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swoon over (someone or something)

To be overwhelmed or overcome by a rapturous feeling caused by someone or something. We stood there swooning over the dreamy actor like we were schoolgirls again. Fans across the country have been swooning over the band's announcement.
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swoon over someone or something

to seem to faint or pass out about someone or something. The kids swooned over the rock star like the kids of thirty years ago. Evangeline swooned over the frightful news.
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Swoon is an award-winning staffing agency with an innovative method to recruitment that has earned us a proven track record of placing the best and brightest talent with temporary and direct-hire opportunities at Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.
The manuscript for the title was posted to the Swoon Reads site in November 2013 and was soon rated 'Five Hearts' by the Swoon Reads Community, as well as being considered to be one of the most 'Swoonworthy' on the site.
However, calling it a Spring Swoon would be misleading; it really has nothing to do with the seasons.
Fatou talks a lot about spirituality and emotional journeys, but Swoon's language is grounded, overt and above all, tactile.
Swoon.co.uk was launched in April 2011, by online publisher brightsolid, owner of the Friends Reunited Group, including Friends Reunited Dating, one of the UK's most popular dating sites.
Providing lush anthemic songs that will make you swoon are lo-fi four-piece THE BROKEN BROADCAST; while talented trio THE PANORAMIC complete the line up.
The tourists at Caesars Palace will swoon, no doubt, but fans weaned on John's '70s classics may find The Captain and the Kid a trifle overbaked.
Even with the June swoon, for the first half of 2006 total construction on an unadjusted basis is up 7 percent relative to the same period one year ago.
Scrap recyclers are sensing a bit of a summer swoon setting in, but it may be an even-handed swoon among scrap generators, buyers and sellers that will ultimately have little impact on pricing.
Aussie thesp Eric Bana, who flew in from Germany--where he was promoting "Munich"--to introduce Jackman, said: "His name alone inspires the following response: from men--'ehh' (nod your head approvingly)--and from women 'ahh' (smile and swoon a little)."
This is because they think we might swoon at the sight of Clooney or Pitt and knock back a bottle of vodka.
September Swoon: Richie Allen, the '64 Phillies, and Racial Integration, by William C.
also provide another way of understanding why English poets began to abandon the sonnet for the epigram, since the epigram is the lyric form that traditionally depends most on sudden reversal, its small shudder imitating tragedy's grand swoon" (34).
"There's always the chance that if you paid $25 four years ago for a stock, it might: be up as high as $58 in April and then swoon to $43 a share in November," she adds.