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swoon over someone or something

to seem to faint or pass out about someone or something. The kids swooned over the rock star like the kids of thirty years ago. Evangeline swooned over the frightful news.
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It's just the right thing to do in every way," explained Michelle Baker, CEO of Swoon.
The manuscript for the title was posted to the Swoon Reads site in November 2013 and was soon rated 'Five Hearts' by the Swoon Reads Community, as well as being considered to be one of the most 'Swoonworthy' on the site.
So review their records, check out their photos, and choose the hottie who makes you swoon.
This year, after more than six months of strong stock market gains, a recent rash of weaker economic news has the financial world wondering if we are staring in the face of another edition of the Spring Swoon.
Latest research from Swoon shows that Brits are happy to have a simple, spontaneous proposal in the comfort of their own home but when given the option to turn back time, less than one in three thought that their proposal was perfect.
When his management noticed what was going on, though, they made sure Mark was rushed in to the club and kept away until the trouble was over, but being a hero just seemed to make the swooning crowd of female admirers swoon even more.
Four-piece The Purnells, who play delicious rock that the Arctic Monkeys would swoon over, have supported The Bluetones and are confirmed for ARC'S stage alongside The View for Stockton Calling.
The Good Wife (Channel 4, 10pm) SHE made millions of men swoon as Dr Carol Hathaway in ER, and now Julianna Margulies has caught even more under her spell in this superb legal drama.
And news that the handsome, fair-haired husband of pop singer Posh Spice joined the Los Angeles Galaxy on Thursday has them in full swoon.
The tourists at Caesars Palace will swoon, no doubt, but fans weaned on John's '70s classics may find The Captain and the Kid a trifle overbaked.
Even with the June swoon, for the first half of 2006 total construction on an unadjusted basis is up 7 percent relative to the same period one year ago.
Scrap recyclers are sensing a bit of a summer swoon setting in, but it may be an even-handed swoon among scrap generators, buyers and sellers that will ultimately have little impact on pricing.
Unluckily for Kashatus, the Richie Alien, '64 Phillies, and racial integration of his subtitle did not converge tidily enough to explain the "September swoon.
There's always the chance that if you paid $25 four years ago for a stock, it might: be up as high as $58 in April and then swoon to $43 a share in November," she adds.
I learned to kiss watching television--movies in the afternoon when home sick from school--to tilt my head slightly to the side, raise a foot, expect (and rarely experience) "the swoon.