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1. tv. & in. to drink (liquor), probably to excess; to tipple. Have you been swizzling again?
2. n. liquor; beer; a drink of an alcoholic beverage. What I need is a nice cold swizzle.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Fred went out and got himself swizzled.
See also: swizzle


n. a drunkard. (From the name of a short stick used to stir an alcoholic drink.) That guy is a swizzle-stick. Don’t give him any more.
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Insect inside - the dead wasp discovered in a bag of Swizzles Bon-Bons
More than mere implements for stirring, swizzles are contemporary memorabilia for the taking, mementoes embossed with your company's identity.
The multi-tasting lolly swizzles around on the stick which is good enough to eat itself.
Over 350 companies are already confirmed to exhibit at the The National Wedding Show, including celebrity cake designer Savoir Design, retailers Debenhams, travel specialists Barefoot Luxury, confectioners Swizzles Matlow, wedding list company Wrapit, oldest tailor in London Ede and Ravenscroft, designer shoes Melbo Ltd and The Original Chocolate Fountain.
More than 250 companies have already confirmed their attendance, including Thorntons, celebrity cake designer Savoir Design, confectioners Swizzles Matlow, British Airways Holidays, wedding list company the Gift Registry, clothes retailers Austin Reed and the Bahamas Tourist Board.
Six winners will be invited "Willy Wonka-style" to visit the Swizzles factory and will also get to see their sweet come to life.
Cocktail swizzles, 49p each, The Source (0171 937 2626).
And they'll be rewards a-plenty in the form of Dark 'n Stormies, Ginger Gale, Rum Swizzles and more.
Cephos powders, Carters Little Liver Pills, Barley Sugar Sticks, Swizzles, Sweet Whistles, Spud Guns (yes they really did fire potatoes)?
I remember that all the rage then were the `purple hearts' a sort of pep pill, and the lads would buy packets of Swizzles and Love Hearts and go down to the Cavern and make out they were purple hearts just for laugh.