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1. tv. & in. to drink (liquor), probably to excess; to tipple. Have you been swizzling again?
2. n. liquor; beer; a drink of an alcoholic beverage. What I need is a nice cold swizzle.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. Fred went out and got himself swizzled.
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n. a drunkard. (From the name of a short stick used to stir an alcoholic drink.) That guy is a swizzle-stick. Don’t give him any more.
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KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toys are offered with same day shipping with all orders placed before 3pm EST and Big Apple Pet Supply's 5% low price guarantee.
Weber's Sizzle And Swizzle by Scott Givot, and Weber's Fun & Easy Grilling Guide by Lucy Knox (MQ Publications, both pounds 7.
producer of swizzle sticks, is seeking European partnerships for its first exports.
A company in Texas sent us a pricey four-color press kit (including CD-ROM) in the hopes of getting us to write about their tropical-theme ice buckets and their hot new "bee whirligig swizzle stick set.
Luaus have lots of delicious tropical foods, and one great idea is to make pineapple juice ice cubes and put them into all kinds of drinks with paper umbrellas or fun swizzle sticks.
On each of two swizzle sticks, skewer 1 or 2 pimiento-or pickled onion-stuffed green olives, then 1 hot chili--stuffed green olive such as Reese; set a stick in each of two chilled martini glasses.
For another version, he molded the soil around the seedling into a block that narrowed to a point on the bottom, then inserted fins made from plastic cocktail swizzle sticks and girded the whole package with a plastic ring.
Dryden and Palmer, makers of rock candy since 1880, provide "an elegant alternative" to sugar with their white and amber coffee crystals, swizzle sticks, and demitasse sticks.
PMC's META 120G delivers Carrier Ethernet MAC/PHY, comprehensive OTN framing/mapping in conjunction with multiple FEC protocols, including PMC's innovative high gain Swizzle enhanced-FEC and fully integrated packet timing engine, including clock recovery that exceeds the IEEE 1588v2 telecom profile for every port.
It seems like all he has brought back is a load of Fudgy Wudgy Toffee, Giant Swizzle Sticks and a load of waffle for us, the Giant Suckers.
At the Swizzle Inn in Bailey's Bay we sampled the island's most famous drink - the Swizzle.
In need of refreshment we visited Bermuda's original Swizzle Inn at Bailey's Bay.
What is the purpose of a cocktail swizzle his big break in 1982?
Hand chipping ice lets our guest know that we really honor the integrity of our cocktails," says Lu Brow, bar chef at New Orleans' Cafe Adelaide & the Swizzle Stick Bar, where 15-pound blocks of ice sit on a freezer plate on the bar.
While not as eye catching as "Citrus Swizzle," it is quietly unique in its presentation.