switch over (to someone or something)

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switch over (to someone or something)

1. To select or change to a different or alternative person or thing. We're switching over to a digital-only business model—producing physical products is just too costly. The studio switched over to a director who had more experience in action films. I'm going to start drinking diet soda, but I'll wait until after Christmas to switch over.
2. To cause someone or something to change or shift from one person or thing to another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "switch" and "over." The doctors switched me over to a different medicine for my cholesterol. The company is switching everyone over to a new computer system that's supposed to be more secure.
3. To change to a particular television channel or radio station. We can switch over to your cartoon show once the news is finished. Don't switch over—I want to hear what the weather will be like this weekend.
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switch something over (to something)

to convert something to something else. We are switching our furnace over to gas. We switched over our furnace to gas.
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switch over (to someone or something)

to change to or choose someone or something else. That newscaster is too contentious. Switch over to another station. Okay, I'll switch over.
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switch someone or something over to someone or something

to transfer electronically a signal from someone or something to someone or something else. Tom is on the line. Shall I switch him over to Jeff? Please switch the call over to my other line.
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switch someone or something over to something

to reassign, change, or convert someone or something to something. They switched me over to a later flight. I want to switch my furnace over to gas.
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switch over

1. To make or undergo a shift from one thing to another: I switched over to the trumpet from the saxophone. Some groups have started using the new operating system, but our division won't switch over until next year.
2. To shift someone or something from one thing to another: The IT department switched our division over to the new operating system. A better medicine came out, so the doctor switched over all her patients.
3. To change channels: I switched over to the classical music station when I got bored with the news.
See also: over, switch
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England desperate to get through the first 20 overs before the impending rain switched over to their spinners Liam Dawson and Moeen Ali who rattled through the overs at a quick pace so that by the end of 20 overs (which is the minimum number required to decide on the result of a match) Sri Lanka had lost half the side for 95.
In absolute numbers, 393,702 electricity and 279,220 gas customers switched over to another supplier in 2014, compared with 504,102 and 366,091 in 2013, respectively.