switch to

switch to (something)

1. To begin doing, using, consuming, etc., something new or different. You really ought to switch to decaf, Tom—you're way too stressed out! I'm switching to more of an aerobic workout routine instead of focusing so much on weight-training.
2. To cause, allow, or facilitate someone to begin doing, using, consuming, etc., something new or different. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "to." The phone company said they can switch me to a cheaper plan. The doctors switched him to a different kind of cholesterol medication.
3. To change or convert something to a new or different status or condition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "to." You can switch the plane to autopilot for most of the journey. Please switch the computer to standby mode when you're leaving for the night.
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switch something (from something) (in)to something

to change something from one thing into another. The magician switched the silk scarf from red into green. I would love to be able to switch lead into gold.
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switch something to (something else)

to change something to something else. It was hot so I switched the thermostat from heating to cooling. Mary switched the controls to automatic so she wouldn't have to worry about them constantly.
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switch to something

to change to something. I am going to switch to a cheaper brand of tissues. We switched to a different long-distance telephone company to save some money.
See also: switch
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The hosts in the primary site continue working without interruption through the iSCSI switch to the remote storage systems even though the primary storage systems are off-line.
NYSE:SBC) is deploying Lucent's new high-capacity switch to more cost effectively support voice and data calls--such as wireless, Internet-dialup and long distance--that enter and exit SBC's local network.
In order to set the stage to illustrate the benefits of adding a back-end switch to a storage server, we will first discuss design issues of conventional storage servers.
In this environment, the hub facilitates the broad, concentrated connectivity for storage while the Loop Switch takes the place of the Backbone Switch to provide the needed concurrency and zoning.
Grant information can be passed back from the switch to the port cards.
Port type - Fabric (F), Fabric Loop (FL), or switch to switch, (E)
In addition, the SAN switches introduce the industry's first software-upgradeable loop switch to connect Arbitrated Loop storage devices and servers in a SAN.