switch to

switch to (something)

1. To begin doing, using, consuming, etc., something new or different. You really ought to switch to decaf, Tom—you're way too stressed out! I'm switching to more of an aerobic workout routine instead of focusing so much on weight-training.
2. To cause, allow, or facilitate someone to begin doing, using, consuming, etc., something new or different. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "to." The phone company said they can switch me to a cheaper plan. The doctors switched him to a different kind of cholesterol medication.
3. To change or convert something to a new or different status or condition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "to." You can switch the plane to autopilot for most of the journey. Please switch the computer to standby mode when you're leaving for the night.
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switch something (from something) (in)to something

to change something from one thing into another. The magician switched the silk scarf from red into green. I would love to be able to switch lead into gold.
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switch something to (something else)

to change something to something else. It was hot so I switched the thermostat from heating to cooling. Mary switched the controls to automatic so she wouldn't have to worry about them constantly.
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switch to something

to change to something. I am going to switch to a cheaper brand of tissues. We switched to a different long-distance telephone company to save some money.
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"Extending The Switch network to Istanbul via New TR will enable customers of The Switch to reach the Middle East with the touch of a button," said Keith Buckley, President and CEO at The Switch.
The pilot reported the starter would engage when the switch was turned to the start position, prior to pushing in on the switch to engage the starter.
Socializing function was seen in the classroom where teachers code switch to break a silence or to create a friendly environment in the class.
Here are 24 ways to switch to better deals so you can get your house in order and save cash.
A newer version of STP, called Rapid STP (802.1w), reduces the amount of time it takes a switch to reconfigure the network to less than a second, from up to a minute with STP.
Push the STARTER switch to START and the FLAME HEATER switch to ON at the same time.
The InfinIO 9024 is the first product in the 9000 Series and will be joined in the first half of 2004 by larger director-class models that pack over one hundred 10Gbps InfiniBand ports in a single, densely packaged switch to enable larger HPC clusters to be built without the complexity of cabling together a large number of small switches.
The switch to abacavir also resulted in a decline in lactate (a good sign), and a modest decline in viral load of 0.25 logs.
"We offer incentives and assistance that can help the smaller publishers switch to recycled paper, while at the same time putting pressure via consumer activism on the large publishers to switch."
The attenuators are added at all ports of the switch to improve return loss.
These smaller chips are faster because electricity doesn't have to travel as far from one switch to the next, Thompson explains.
Our second component is the "controller." You want this switch to actually do something now.
If the answer is no, the call is stopped at the original switch to keep it from tying up a line, and the caller gets a busy signal.
To demonstrate how iSCSI failover functions, several companies participated in a third party demonstration where 5 videos where streamed from 5 iSCSI storage targets on an ISCSI intelligent storage switch to 5 Microsoft Windows 2003 hosts.