switch from

switch from (something) (to something else)

1. To stop doing, using, consuming, etc., something (in favor of something else). I switched from regular coffee to decaf a few years ago. I'm thinking of switching from my current Internet providers. Any suggestions?
2. To cause something to change from one type (to another). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "switch" and "from." I switched the music from soft jazz to hip-hop to inject some life into the party. You'll need a special adapter to switch the video output from a composite feed.
3. To cause someone to stop doing, using, consuming, etc., something (in favor of something else). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "switch" and "from." The doctor switched me from statins to inhibitors to help get my cholesterol under control. I've asked my boss to switch me from the morning shifts for the time being.
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switch from someone (to someone else)

to change one's choice from one person to another. I had chosen Jeff, but I will switch from him to Judy. Tom wanted to try a new barber, so he switched from Nick to Bruno.
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switch from something (to something else)

to change one's choice from one thing to another. We switched from oil to gas heat in our house. I don't like to switch from one brand to another.
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References in classic literature ?
At the first tree he cut himself a long, slender switch from one of the branches, and shorter switches for the others.
The new switches add an insulator preventing a failed "open" switch from conducting current through the hold-open spring.
"The iQ4000 switch from Quarry Technologies overcomes their concerns regarding the cost of enabling equipment and scales to meet customer demand for advanced services.
Apply masking tape around the intersection of the adapter and the normal switch cord end so that the adapter doesn't get lost when unplugging the switch from other devices.
According to Grande River, the reason it bought a switch from Link America for its new long-distance service to Mexico was low cost--65% less than a new unit--and fast installation--just three weeks.
Figure 4 shows typical performance for the model 411HC-480823A-1 transfer switch from 45 MHz to 18 GHz Figure 5 shows similar performance data for the model 461H-480823A-1 SP6T latching switch.
* [Abstract 700-T] A team in Perth, Australia reported considerable success with lipoatrophy at 48 weeks, in a controlled trial in which volunteers were randomly assigned to either switch from d4T and/or a protease inhibitor to AZT + 3TC + abacavir, or not to switch their therapy.
To connect to the switch from a workstation or computer with access to the LAN that the Model 7193 LAN port is connected to, simply launch a standard web browser and type in the appropriate IP address.
Today's optical networking equipment must switch from the optical to the electronic domain.