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switch around

1. To exchange one's place or position (with someone or something else). You're a little bit taller than me, so let's switch around for the photo. The two jets switched around so that the stealth bomber was in the lead.
2. To exchange the place or position of two people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "around." The teacher switched the students around so that the taller one was in back. I think you need to switch around these two cables, and then the TV should work.
3. To alter, reorder, or rearrange something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "switch" and "around." Make sure you switch your fighting style around throughout the match in order to keep your opponent off-guard. We're going to try switching around the layout of the office this weekend—it feels too cluttered and disorganized the way it is now.
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switch (around) (with someone or something)

to exchange or trade with someone or something. (The optional elements cannot be transposed.) I liked Jill's lunch, and she liked mine, so I switched around with her. I liked Jill's, and she liked mine, so we switched around with each other.
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n. a switchblade knife. (The folding pocket knife springs open when a button is pushed.) They found a switch in his pocket when they searched him.
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