swish off

swish something off (of) someone or something

 and swish something off
to brush something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The barber swished the loose hairs off of Paul's collar. The barber swished off the loose hairs.
See also: off, swish
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The clan sent out clear messages to a disgusted public that it had the magic wand to swish off the power shortages, which it would wield once the people had voted it into office.
By the time I'm totally done mixing, placing items in the oven and cleaning up the kitchen counters, most all the dough has dissolved in the water or softened enough to swish off of the utensils.
Have a buddy hold a rock or branch in or right over the net and gently swish off any clinging creatures into the net.
Although they touted it up as the magic wand to swish off terrorism from the land, it was just a slogan the political grandees across the spectrum had picked up with no deeper thought.
And as Nawaz had all through the hustings shouted full-throated that he held the key to swish off the scarcity of utilities, the citizens now expect him to deliver.