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swish around

[for a fluid] to slosh or rush around. All that water I drank is swishing around in my stomach. I can hear the water swishing around in the pipes.
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swish something off (of) someone or something

 and swish something off
to brush something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The barber swished the loose hairs off of Paul's collar. The barber swished off the loose hairs.
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1. mod. overly fancy; effeminate; displaying effeminacy. The lobby of the theater was a little swish, but not offensive.
2. n. elaborate decoration; effeminacy. What this place needs is more swish. Hang some baubles here and there.
3. n. a gay male. (Rude and derogatory.) This place is full of swishes. Let’s leave.
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The swish stereotype can be compared to "sambo" or "coon" African-American stereotypes.
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Whirlowdale will operate a complete Palogistics pallet management system for Swish.
The loudest sound was the blast of an air blow-off nozzle on a mold, or possibly the swish of a pneumatic sprue picker.
whereby Charlotte Products will blend and package PURE's patented silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC)-based hard surface disinfectant, which will be distributed in Canada and the US through Swish Maintenance Limited, Swish (USA) and Enviro-Solutions Limited.
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com)-- Leading UK SEO Company SWISH SEO Agency today announced that it has launched a new and even more improved line up of Link Building Services, designed specifically to come in line with Google's latest webmaster guidelines published on October 2nd 2012.
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Swish, swish navigates the blood, Whistling through pipes life is good.
Swish in the Garden also included a fundraising raffle giving visitors the chance to win several items donated by North East celebrities.
The wheels of the bus go round and round, from Anfield to the coalface my head spins whirling with ideas, The horn of the bus goes beep, beep, beep liver birds twitter and the Bubbles glitter The inescapable noise of life The wipers of the bus go swish, swish, swish rain abound, Mersey sound, hope in dreariness my ambitions are lateral in a linear life The people of the bus go chatter, chatter, chatter are they talking to me Queen or about me?
Workers and contractors on the movie have taken legal action against Swish Films, which was producing the film with the Indian company Dharma Productions in the American city of Philadelphia.
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