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swish around

[for a fluid] to slosh or rush around. All that water I drank is swishing around in my stomach. I can hear the water swishing around in the pipes.
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swish something off (of) someone or something

 and swish something off
to brush something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The barber swished the loose hairs off of Paul's collar. The barber swished off the loose hairs.
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1. mod. overly fancy; effeminate; displaying effeminacy. The lobby of the theater was a little swish, but not offensive.
2. n. elaborate decoration; effeminacy. What this place needs is more swish. Hang some baubles here and there.
3. n. a gay male. (Rude and derogatory.) This place is full of swishes. Let’s leave.
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Do an official countdown to the opening of the swish.
Because RDM will not determine where SWiSH will solicit and because RDM could not be assured that no charitable solicitation material on which it consulted would not eventually be mailed to Utah, the firm had to refrain from providing fundraising services to SWISH until the situation could be resolved, Tripi swore in the court papers.
The swish stereotype can be compared to "sambo" or "coon" African-American stereotypes.
Whirlowdale will operate a complete Palogistics pallet management system for Swish.
Krall, President and CEO of PURE Bioscience, stated, "Health Canada's rigorous process for approving the safety, efficacy and quality of disinfectants can take more than two years, and we appreciate the work and investment by Charlotte Products to obtain a DIN for its SDC-based disinfectant so it may now be sold in Canada by Swish Maintenance.
And however petty its inspiration, Swish Swish is a delight as Perry rhymes "another one in the basket" with "another one in the casket" over Duke Dumont's thrusting '90s-house beat.
Suzuki Motor Corporation (TYO: 7269), a Japan-based automaker, has introduced its Swish 125cc scooter in India.
If you''re looking to buy into this trend look for fluid fabrics so the pleats hang gracefully and swish as you walk.
10 ( ANI ): For the crazed Harry Potter fans, Kymera has developed a wand TV remote that turns a living room in nothing less than a fantasy magic land where users can swish and flick through channels.
Swish Ideas is an Online Gift and Souvenir Company based in Nigeria, which was established in 2011.
You simply swish the bubble bar wand around the bathtub to create masses of skin softening, beautifully scented bubbles.
Swish in the Garden also included a fundraising raffle giving visitors the chance to win several items donated by North East celebrities.
A new service from Swish means you can have Venetians, plus Swish rollers and mix and match verticals, cut to size while you wait at B&Q warehouses for free.
Midland roofing and cladding company Swish Building Products has changed hands for an undisclosed sum.
The pierced and punctured paintings from his last decade, uniting extremist rigor and the swish elegance of Italian design, should prove an eye-popping finale.