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Speculation continues to swirl around the fate of Birmingham pub company Mitchells & Butlers, which is up for sale after a disastrous property venture and interest rate hedging bet.
In a typical premixer, internal baffles force a dilute blend of fuel in air to swirl around and mix thoroughly before being ignited.
From possible exaggerated benefits to the realities involved, CLONING is especially important considering the constant controversies which swirl around the issue.
The passions that continue to swirl around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fuel the hatred that underlies America's War on Terror.
Dazzelites[TM] Light-Up Pen features a see-through barrel filled with glitter and tiny stars that swirl around in a lava-like liquid when the pen is rotated up and down.
Silky bangs swirl around their lowered eyes; big jeans and T-shirts billow; callow, powerful bodies jerk as if each were trapped in a private cell within the collective trance.
fish kills or human illness since 1998, controversy continues to swirl around the perplexing organism.
Enron, Worldcom, and Global Crossing offer spectacular case studies of corporate implosion while rumors of dubious bookkeeping if not outright fraud swirl around any number of previously estimable companies.
Frosty white ice clouds hang over the planet as orange dust storms swirl around.
The satiric title pokes fun at the drug controversy that seems to swirl around Olympic athletes.
Every morning, the wind would get up and the dust from the fields would begin to swirl around.
The recent words of those who would sanctify marriage with civil ceremony swirl around my mouth like sweet, succulent honey.
The old rules of thumb still apply - the flame should fire directly into the combustion chamber and swirl around the crucible to the top.
This plain-English guide dispels the many myths that still swirl around endometriosis.
If you don't think thoughts steroids swirl around the heads of high school players all across the land, you are kidding yourself.