swing with

swing with someone or something

Sl. to appreciate someone or something. Man, I can really swing with that color. Glorious! I can really swing with John. He and I are real close.
See also: swing
References in classic literature ?
I was jerked from swing to counter swing with irritating haste.
Twice only movedst thou thy rattle with thy little hands--then did my feet swing with dance-fury.
When David introduced me to the A Swing with a few tournaments to go to reach the 200 mark, it made all the difference.
FREEDOM: Jamie West on the swing with mum Paula, | |above, and, right, James Greenop JAMES MALONEY
You would notice that your lead arm continues through the swing with much greater extension.
Through a licensing agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) users can compare their swing with some of baseball's best hitters including Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Troy Glaus, Ken Griffey Jr.
The interactive lesson includes detailed hitting reports, telestration examples, tips and drills as well as the ability to compare their swing with professional baseball players to facilitate the learning process.
As a timing mechanism, it may help the hitter coordinate his swing with the pitcher's movements.
They make a strong swing with lots of clubhead speed, splashing the club down three or four inches behind the ball and letting the ball ride out on a cushion of sand.
Developing a fundamentally sound swing with the help of a batting tee