swing for

swing for (someone or something)

1. To attempt to strike someone or something, as with a punch or a handheld weapon. The guy swung for me when I tried to calm him down. She grabbed the bat and started swinging for the piñata.
2. To be executed by hanging for some crime one has committed. Under the brutal dictatorship, you could swing for even whispering dissatisfaction with the government. A: "Yes, I confess, it was I who murdered her!" B: "You'll swing for this, Ericson."
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swing for something

Fig. [for someone] to die by hanging for committing a crime. The sheriff swore that Tex would swing for the killing. Max said he would not swing for something that Lefty had done.
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As far as having a swing for two or more adults, they tend to get the push me/pull me thing going on and are not able to really swing.
The James Greenop Foundation, set up following the death of Everton FC fan James after he was knocked down on Speke Road, Garston last October, donated the final PS500 needed to buy a swing for his garden.
Because Judge is not merely celebrating swing for its own sake; he's trying to make a larger point about the state of society.
Jenny Mushrow left baby Oliver in his swing for minutes, but returned to find the four-month-old screaming in pain after becoming stuck between two metal bars.