swing at

swing at (someone or something)

To attempt to hit someone or something with one's fist or an instrument in a broad, sweeping stroke. Bill didn't hear me coming up behind him, and he swung at me when I touched his shoulder. He grabbed the tennis racket and ran around the yard swinging at the bee.
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swing at someone or something

to strike at someone or something. Max swung at the copa serious mistake. The batter swung at the ball and missed.
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swing at

To attempt to hit someone or something with a sweeping stroke: If a batter swings at the ball and misses, it counts as a strike. One of the kids got angry and swung at me with his fist.
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References in classic literature ?
He chafed and fretted that he could not travel with the swiftness of thought and that the long tedious miles stretching far ahead of him must require hours and hours of tireless effort upon his part before he would swing at last from the final bough of the fringing forest into the open plain and in sight of his goal.
The aim is to hit four shots with a half swing at a consistent speed without hesitation between the balls.
TWO red-faced secondary schoolboys had to be cut free by firefighters after getting themselves stuck in a CHILD'S SWING at a play area in Northfield.
Check out Fowl Play Products for more information, photos and to purchase a Chicken Swing at www.
A FAIRGROUND swing that malfunctioned and left frightened revellers dangling 65ft in the air at one of Wales' biggest festive events has now been dismantled and replaced The Sky Swing at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland broke down in freezing conditions on Saturday, leaving passengers shivering in mid-air.
Sayers Amusements is working with the Denmark-based manufacturers of the Sky Swing at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland to find out why it broke down in freezing conditions on Saturday, leaving passengers shivering high up.
The optimized path reaches a higher maximum radius value than the original swing at this point in the downswing, and it does so sooner than the original.
The Kingsof Swing at Venue Cymru, Llandudno tomorrowat7.30pm.
And some comes from the fact that the golfer "is actually free to swing at the ball more aggressively."
My friend dared me to climb into the baby swing at the park and yell, "Push me!
A 12-year-old boy killed after a swing at a seaside amusement park hit him in the chest was named yesterday.
Three of the most important aspects of the hitting process involve a controlled stride, a slight pause to separate the stride from the swing, and then a hard swing at the pitch.
Says Taylor-Corbett, "The show celebrates the cultural fusion that's going on in swing at the moment, and includes story-driven episodes like the `I'll Be Seeing You' number, where Scott Fowler and Carol Bentley do a Gene Kelly kind of ballet.
You're cutting the grass and improving your golf swing at the same time!
"I learned to reverse swing at Cardiff because the wickets there are so dry and you have to do something different because they are so flat and slow.