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1. informal To make (something) happen or come to pass; to manage or arrange (something) successfully. Tom says he can swing this deal with the bank, but I'm not so sure. Let's meet with them and see if we can swing an agreement.
2. informal To cause (something) to have a positive or successful outcome. Many predict that the financial crisis could swing the election in favor of the young senator seeking to oust the incumbent president. That incredible touchdown in the third quarter really swung the game for them.
3. slang To die by hanging. You're a monster. I'm going to make sure you swing for what you've done.
4. slang To be especially lively, active, or energetic. This city really swings at night. Wow, this party is swinging now!
5. slang To swap sexual partners consensually in a group, especially when in a committed or married relationship. The couple next door have been dropping hints that they want us to swing with them. We've been swinging for years, and if anything, it has made our marriage even stronger.
6. slang To have a particular sexual orientation. A: "I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me some time." B: "I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I just don't swing that way."
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swing something

Fig. to make something happen. I hope I can swing a deal that will make us all a lot of money. We all hope you can swing it.
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1. in. [for a person] to be up to date and modern. Tom really swings. Look at those blue suede shoes!
2. in. [for a party or other event] to be fun or exciting. I’ve never been to a gathering that swings like this one.
3. in. to be involved in sexual fads, group sex, or the swapping of sexual partners. Carol says that Tom, Ted, and Heidi swing. How does she know?
4. tv. to bring something off; to execute a deal. They want to elect me president of the club. I hope they can swing it.


mod. great. The concert was swinging—nothing like it, ever.
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Separately, Assistant Commissioner Jannat Hussain Nekokara sealed all mechanical and conventional swings in Railway Park due to lack of fitness certificate.
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Kostis compared two videos of Tiger's swing on the driving range and swing during a tournament and it would appear that it gets a lot quicker on the course.
"The game needs to find a suitable white ball that swings at the start and must abandon the use of two balls per innings," former captain Atherton wrote in The Times.
The swings at the cantonment public park were installed over three years ago, and the park administration was responsible for their upkeep and maintenance.
If you mistakenly let your left elbow bend during your takeaway, your swing arc will decrease.
Since the participants were experienced collegiate players, it was assumed they would each demonstrate a consistent baseball swing. The average age for the group was 20.1 years (SD = 1.1 years), with an average height of 1.82 m (SD = .05 m) and average weight of 85.6 kg (SD = 9.8 kg).
Of the North East seats, Bishop Auckland saw the biggest swing (3.9%) away from Labour and towards the Conservatives - though it was not enough to dislodge MP Helen Goodman, who hung on with a majority slashed to just 500.
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Swing music, or simply swing, a form of American music that developed in the early 1930s and became a distinctive style by 1940, has made a sudden resurgence in popularity in the kingdom.