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swindle someone out of something

 and swindle something out of someone
to cheat someone out of something. The crooks tried to swindle her out of her inheritance. The crooks swindled $3,000 out of the old woman.
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swindle sheet

n. an expense account record sheet or book. I turned in my swindle sheet yesterday, and no one challenged the $400 for new shoes.
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Swindlers use forged driver's licenses to conclude multiple mobile phone service contracts and get mobile phones for fraud.
His son Aaron Jamison said that after this year's parade many people had approached his father, wondering why he would mix Santa Claus and weapons, as Swindler had.
Swindler carries a bow and a handful of arrows, and one very special tool, an atl atl.
Swindler uses the ontology he has developed in Part 1 to address two sets of problems in Parts 2 and 3.
Summary: A swindler is on the run after conning at least 32 families, by leasing them a compound of villas for a year, even though the broker's contract with the landlord was only for six months.
He called for cooperation among banks and clients to block the road for any swindler.
Pressure to mount a crackdown on dole cheats hit a new high last month after professional swindler Paul Murray was jailed for 12 years for illegally pocketing EUR248,000 in welfare handouts over an eight-year period while living in Thailand.
AMSTERDAM, July 25, 2011 (Frontier Star): A swindler travel agent in Amsterdam (Holland) has fled away after taking millions rupees from hundreds Pakistanis.
Brigadier Mohammad Saleh Baddah, Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations Department at the Interior Ministry, blamed both sides of the scam, the swindler for luring his victim and the victim for believing smooth talk about imaginary wins.
A Banco Santander SA investment management company will pay $235 million to the trustee winding down the securities business formerly run convicted swindler Bernard Madoff.
Kelly today released the following statement regarding media reports about an alleged South African swindler who used Kelly's name to bilk investors.
The 17th century French play tells the story of a swindler who pretends to be a pious monk to worm his way into a wealthy family's affection and win their daughter's hand in marriage.
A "battered husband" who claimed to have set up Britain's first hostel for abused men was yesterday exposed as a swindler.
POP experimentalists Blaknoisewhitesoul have caused a bit of a stir in the record industry with new song Sal The Swindler.
The sick swindler has been posing as devastated Peter Meadows, whose daughters Mary, 13, and Laura, six, died in a blaze in their home in October.