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swindle someone out of something

 and swindle something out of someone
to cheat someone out of something. The crooks tried to swindle her out of her inheritance. The crooks swindled $3,000 out of the old woman.
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swindle sheet

n. an expense account record sheet or book. I turned in my swindle sheet yesterday, and no one challenged the $400 for new shoes.
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He reportedly invested part of the swindled bounty in buying and investing in lands in Dubai including the Plantation and other projects in Dubai Land.
Madoff, 70, is in jail pending sentencing for pleading guilty to charges that he swindled billions from investors in what could be the biggest scam in Wall Street history.
Deposit Insurance and financial institutions will then take another month or so to confirm victims who had transferred money to those accounts, and distribute the amount left in the accounts to the victims in accordance with the amount of swindled money.
forged a paper from Al Ahli Club where he claimed to be an administrator, cheated his countryman employee by selling him the number plate, and swindled the money using forged papers from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
A real conman could have swindled as much as pounds 20,000 from the 200 hopefuls.
He has allegedly swindled a total of 267 million yen, according to the indictments.
A CONMAN who swindled Premier League footballers out of millions was jailed for eight years yesterday.
The Dutch sponsor testified that the accused had breached her trust and swindled from the shop where the latter worked as sales supervisor.
The Dutch sponsor testified that the suspect had breached her trust and swindled from the shop where the latter worked as sales supervisor.
The police suspect Sin had swindled Chogin Kinki out of a total of about 460 million yen using similar methods on over 100 occasions in about three years from March 1998, they said, adding they are investigating whether they will be able to establish additional fraud cases.
Wallin represents Janice Baldridge, 51, of Palmdale, who has pleaded not guilty to charges that she swindled money from her neighbor, George Pruitt, by saying that she was going to leave her husband for him.
Prosecutors on Tuesday indicted Katsutoshi Matsuo, a former Foreign Ministry logistics chief, on fresh charges that he swindled the government out of about 106 million yen.
A FRAUDSTER swindled pounds 700,000 from an alcoholic lottery winner after plying him with drink.
PALMDALE - A private investigator for a Lancaster attorney has been charged with dissuading a witness, an elderly man who authorities say was swindled out of more than $300,000 by a woman.
5 million yen in damages to an Akita woman who claimed she was swindled out of millions yen in 1994.