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swindle (one) out of (something)

To steal something from someone through deceptive or fraudulent means. That snake in the grass swindled me out of nearly $5,000! I'm sure that we can find a way to swindle the old lady out of diamonds.
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swindle (something) out of (one)

To steal something from one through deceptive or fraudulent means. That snake in the grass tried swindling nearly $5,000 out of me in bogus fees! I'm sure that we can find a way to swindle those diamonds out of the old lady.
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swindle sheet

slang The expense account of a business or its employee. The boss said to put all our costs on the swindle sheet while we're in Detroit. Do you care to explain this charge for $350 you listed on your swindle sheet last quarter?
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swindle someone out of something

 and swindle something out of someone
to cheat someone out of something. The crooks tried to swindle her out of her inheritance. The crooks swindled $3,000 out of the old woman.
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swindle sheet

n. an expense account record sheet or book. I turned in my swindle sheet yesterday, and no one challenged the $400 for new shoes.
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Swindle (and Crowder) caught the winning sack of bass in several feet of water on Lake Toho--the northernmost lake in the chain.
STAR Tweedy's sister Cheryl Cole SUPERGRASS But Andrew Tweedy was still jailed for six years; left, the weapons used in the raid JAILED From left, Christopher Swindle, Christopher Finlison, Jamie Percival and Craig Glendinning
Both trials were told that former Dublin Lord Mayor Mr Keating, a member of the Garrett Fitzgerald Government in the 1980s, also featured in the swindle.
Swindle added that he is troubled not only by the vagueness of the legislative proposal but also by the disregard for the enforcement burden and the attendant costs businesses would be asked to bear.
What is especially needed to resolve such dilemmas is what behavioral theorists refer to as discriminative stimuli and responses, stimuli and responses whose presence is associated with a swindle situation and whose absence is associated with a non-swindle situation (Donahoe and Palmer 1994).
Swindle, however, contends that more complex systems tend to be more effective in the long run.
While on appellate bond, Ponzi fled to Florida, where he orchestrated a real estate swindle. After serving a 1-year sentence in county jail for this scheme--which involved selling underwater plots to unsuspecting customers--he was returned to Massachusetts to serve lengthy Federal and State sentences.
Mrs Mallon's death was announced by retired detective Peter Swindle, who is helping the family to investigate Craig's case.
The operation was hatched after Olaguera allegedly attempted to swindle Superintendent Roland Bulalacao, who is based at Camp Crame.
THE Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has secured a conviction against one Chisom Alex for using the internet to fraudulently swindle unsuspecting Nigerians of their money.
Christopher Finlinson and Christopher Swindle admitted conspiracy to rob the Longbenton shop armed with a machete and a handgun.
It would have been more appropriate to describe it as a hoax, scam or swindle since, from the outset, the whole miserable saga has been based on lies, propaganda, obfuscation and deceit.
WE represented Stephen Swindle at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on October 12, 2009.
Speaking to Khaleej Times Lt-Col Abdullah Saif Al Matroushi, Head of the CID section said the police received information about the gang planning to swindle a UAE national who was prepared to pay them Dh300,000 to turn it into $3million using 'supernatural powers'.