swimming with

swimming with someone or something

Fig. engulfed with someone or something. The scene of the crime was swimming with cops and reporters. The hotel was swimming with out-of-town visitors.
See also: swimming
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Our philosophy is to ensure safety and water confidence, to ensure that children fully utilise the benefits and enjoyment they can have swimming with their parents, with friends and perhaps even at a competitive level.
Chloe Grenga, a 14-year-old sophomore at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, went swimming with her softball team last July at Spring Lake in nearby Burrillville.
For strengthening in the water, Kenkhuis suggests swimming with paddles or short fins.
She also has recovered from a two-meet suspension early this season for swimming with Conejo Simi Aquatics at the national club championships.
Over the course of his 24-year-career, Bowman has established himself as one of the preeminent coaches in the sport of swimming with wealth of knowledge and experience on the international, collegiate and club levels.
She's been swimming with us since she was 10 or 11.
USA Swimming (USAS) is the national governing body for swimming with responsibility for establishing policy, conducting research and overseeing a number of swimming competitions annually, including the twice-yearly Phillips 66 National Championships.
But she slowly has recovered and is set to spend two months this summer swimming with her club team in Lake Forest, Ill.
SIMI VALLEY - How do you win a league championship in swimming with athletes who mostly hate the sport?
Ever since she was eight, Bultema has pictured herself swimming with the best.
We have some really good swimmers,'' said Westlake sophomore-to-be Jayme Weber, who along with her older brother Jason has been swimming with CSA for about 10 years.