swim toward

swim toward someone or something

to swim in the direction of someone or something. Jeff swam toward the drowning man and helped him. I swam toward the boat.
See also: swim, toward
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He told National Geographic: "I was taking photos near the head of the whale, and all of a sudden she began to swim toward the rest of the diving team.
Researchers found that this antioxidant improves sperm motility, or its ability to swim toward an egg, by 6.
Ioannou, who was kept in the dark about the predictions of the computer simulations, trained shiners to swim toward either yellow or blue marks in a tank for a treat.
The airstrike took place shortly after the Israeli navy opened fire on a fishing boat, forced 21-year-old Ahmed Taneera and 42-year-old Musa Abu Jayyab to swim toward an Israeli gunboat, and arrested them.
The three men tried to coax the canines to swim toward them, but the smaller one, Leo, was stuck in the mud and the larger, Spike, was faithfully standing by his companion.
only swim toward you But you don't listen you never listen
Decoys swim toward you when pulling the rig, and away when the system's bungee retracts.
BUT I DON'T LIKE THE IDEA THAT THE DECISION TO ENJOY the stable consolations of religion assigns me to the camp of the sanctimonious ones who stay put when others, desperate to be transformed, swim toward Jesus.
Emily is strong and determined, however, and she does her best to swim toward land, far off though it may be.
Trying to escape the noise, the whales may change their diving patterns, or swim toward the beach and become stuck onshore.
ROATAN ISLAND, Honduras - I slap my hands on the water and two bottlenose dolphins swim toward me, propelled by a few flicks of their tails.
NOAA/Fisheries and many volunteers tried gently to coax the dolphin to leave the fresh water and swim toward Mobile Bay on day 87, April 28.
By moving just three toothpicks, can you make the fish swim toward the left?
Algae use this protein to detect light, which they swim toward to maximize photosynthesis.
The sharks eye the hang bait, then wheel and swim toward the bait, mouths open.