swim in

swim in (something)

1. Literally, to immerse oneself in a pool or body of water and swim in it. We went swimming in the lake out back every day during the summer.
2. By extension, to be totally covered with or submerged in some liquid. There were a few measly strawberries swimming in cream, so it wasn't much of a dessert.
3. To have or experience an abundance or overabundance of something. Don't worry about your cousins, their parents are swimming in money. You don't need any more toys—you and your sister are positively swimming in them. When we opened our doors, we were swimming in customers within minutes.
See also: swim

swim in something

1. Lit. to swim in a body of water. Is it safe to swim in this water? Can we swim in your pool?
2. Fig. to experience an overabundance of something. (Not directly related to {2}) We are just swimming in orders right now. Business is good. Mr. Wilson is swimming in money.
See also: swim

swim in

1. To be covered or flooded with or as if with some liquid: This roast beef is swimming in gravy.
2. To possess a large amount of something; abound in something: After winning the lottery, she was swimming in money.
See also: swim
References in classic literature ?
Sir," interposed Blaisois, "I warn you that I can only swim in rivers.
I am uneasy about Blaisois," said Athos; "he can, he says, only swim in rivers.